A house is only as strong as its foundation – minimize injury and maximize performance

August 11, 2015


How many of your clients look like this?! Are they an accident waiting to happen?

Don’t wait until they quit in frustration for lack of improvement. More importantly, don’t wait for an injury to occur.

Be a hero! Help them build a strong foundation!

Easy to implement solutions are at your finger tips, and we want to share them with you!

On September 19th, we are offering a 2 hour seminar on The Strong Foundation to help educate personal trainers on the importance of balanced muscular strength in the hips and shoulders. Trainers will be taught how to identify faulty movement patterns and how to test for muscular imbalances and will be instructed on corrective exercises to minimize injury and maximize performance.

Help your clients go from this: bigstock-smiling-overweight-man-in-bath-31889048-1[1]to this: shoulder stability

Or even this: article-0-026820E4000004B0-833_468x506[1]to this: hip stability

Change a life today!  Call and register for this 2 hour seminar NOW!


September 19th, 9-11 AM

Space is limited so don’t delay. It’s local; it’s priced right at $20; and you get 2 credit hours of continuing education units!


Full details here: The Strong Foundation