Who We Are

Family Physical Therapy Services is now in its 30th year of private practice, all the time maintaining its Bedford roots, yet reaching out to the surrounding communities. We remain devoted to family and family values, and to our friends in the community.

What Drives Us

Over the years we have seen our patients and their families grow. Seemingly overnight their children have gone from kindergarten to college and some are married with their own children. When Cathy Leer founded the business, her children were 4 and 6, and are now well into their thirties!

It has been this bond with family and community that has guided the practice. Cathy’s oldest son Dustin has been an integral part of the practice, acting as Director of Business Development for several years. Cathy’s retired uncle acted as our general accountant, and her mother was our first receptionist. But it is her mother’s spirit that was and continues to be the driving motivation and inspiration for our practice.

Cathy’s mother struggled for years with a disability. It was from Cathy’s personal experience with her mother that our true mission was built. She provided care to her mother for years, listening to the life lessons that she shared with everybody about the importance of family, honesty, hard work, and what matters most. Our mission became to operate with high morals, ethics and integrity, providing an unparalleled level of care and compassion. We discovered what matters most is family and loved ones and the ability to interact with them in a way that brings joy and pleasure when we can, where we are, and with what we have.

More Family Physical Therapy Services History

We began in 1991 in direct response to a job change for the current owner and director, Cathy Leer. With her husband Jon, she discussed the impact a new business venture would have on her two young sons (then 4 and 6) and her mother for whom they provided care. Knowing that family always comes first, it would have to be a joint family effort if it were to work effectively. So with that in mind, the stage was set for what became “Family” Physical Therapy Services, Inc.

Incorporated in 1991, Family Physical Therapy Services began as a small single-therapist private practice situated in the center of Bedford, which was perfect for the community-based practice that Cathy had in mind. The practice was staffed initially by her mother as receptionist, her husband as marketing and computer specialist and Cathy as therapist. FPTS was soon joined by her uncle as general accountant. Family was truly an integral part of the practice.

Keeping with the “family” theme, Cathy wanted to develop a logo that could convey that as well. The family “tree” idea took root and yet another family member suggested a mighty oak to represent strength and longevity. The broken branch and re-growth signifies the power of healing.

The first office was 1200 sq. ft. in an office building on Bedford Center Rd. Three years later the practice moved to a larger office on Constitution Dr., and yet again to a slightly larger office on S. River Rd three years after that. All the while FPTS stayed in Bedford to maintain our commitment to the community.

In 2006 we moved to our location at 165 S. River Rd in Bedford, only to be temporarily displaced 8 months later as a result of the devastating fire that destroyed much of the building. Through hard work, help from the community and colleagues in the area and driven by our dedication to our patients we persevered and returned to S. River Rd to continue serving the needs of the community and our patients and their family, friends, and colleagues.

Unfortunately we suffered additional flooding over the years and in early 2017 moved to our present location at 207 Meetinghouse Road.

Our Focus

We have grown in so many ways over the years, from changes in staff and addition of new programs, to adjusting to the myriad of changes in insurance issues and healthcare in general. We have NEVER lost our focus though on what is the most important component of who we are and what we do: we are here to serve you. We take the time to learn about you, your family, your wants, needs, desires, and above all else, what your goal is in coming to therapy. It’s not about your injury, your surgery, your ache or your pain. It’s about what you can’t do and why it matters to you. Can you run and play on the playground with your children? Can you sit in the bleachers at your granddaughter’s championship basketball game or go for a bike ride with her? Can you swim with the dolphins? You get the picture! So do we.

We want you to feel and KNOW that you are special: like family. We want all of our patients (and their families) to feel at home and confident that we will treat them as we would treat any member of our own family; with the professionalism, care, and compassion that they deserve. That level of compassion and commitment along with the experience of our therapists is what makes the difference in your ability to achieve YOUR goals. For you to get back to living.

You deserve the best. You deserve the opportunity to enjoy whatever it is in life that makes you happy. Let us help you achieve that. Let us help you STAY IN THE GAME and get back to living. LIFE IS WAITING!!

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