Cathy Eaton
December 22, 2021

Twice in 2021, I made a series of visits to Family Physical Therapy Services for very different injuries. Both time, the PT specialist addressed my injuries and my pain and provided helpful stretches and exercises that lessened my pain, improved my mobility, and helped heal my injury. The therapist listened carefully, explained clearly and gave me both written explanations with photographs and digital videos of exercises that were very helpful. I was very pleased with the professional service, the kindness, the humor, and the healing. I highly recommend FPTS. You will not be disappointed.

Patricia Demers
January 26, 2021

VeDA has been a help to me (Portland OR non profit/Vertifo problems) however the day someone told me about Lauren Fournier at the Bedford office I found a new level of compensating. I have been grateful to her for taking me beyond the minimal assistance I found from three other people. She is very good. Now that they offer tele medicine, I can’t wait to learn if this applies in any degree to my continuing her exercises. I appreciate the open information on this site. It is one of the more professional ones I have been to.

M. Drouin
January 26, 2021


I want to express my gratitude for the PT treatments I received, while in your care.

Your professional action in performing your duties, has proven to be fruitful. You have helped me bring my pain level from unbearable to almost gone. I can now say that I am moving my neck freely and doing the things I love to do. I deeply appreciate the patience you had with my many questions and all the thorough information you so willingly shared with me. All while maintaining a consistent pleasant sense of humor. You are the best.

The professionalism and kindness I experience also extends to Brooklyn, Marie, Megan and James, always ready to help. I commend the owners of Family Physical Therapy Services for having such great people / staff on board and for connecting me with an extremely healing physical therapist.

Lauren, thank you once again for delivering a comfortable and consistent experience.

~M. Drouin

Vanessa Edwards
May 26, 2020

I found myself in a really unfortunate situation, sustaining an “unhappy triad” years after my first ACL reconstruction. I wasn’t keen on having surgery a second time so I scrambled to find other options. After finding FPTS, my whole mindset on my injury changed. Having not had the best experiences with other doctors prior to my visit, Cathy was incredibly helpful, kind, and hospitable as soon as I walked in, easing my nerves about the visit. My physical therapist, Tom Fontana, is easily one of the best I have ever had! He spent a lot of time with me answering my questions in detail and gave me a thorough evaluation of my knee (even made me laugh which I was grateful for). In a matter of moments these two turned my whole medical experience around concerning my knee. I’m beyond grateful for them and for my experience with FPTS, feeling strong and hopeful about my recovery!

October 10, 2019

I Had to have my Mom carry me into Physical Therapy because I broke my Tibia in two places. I couldn’t even walk, or run, or do anything. Tom helped me go on the treadmill and let me jump on the trampoline. I really like how there’s a picture of Tom as a skeleton. Slim is so silly and I like when he dresses up. James helped me so much. I loved when we did obstacle courses, did races, and catched the ball. He made me so strong. Now I can do all kinds of stuff. Tom taught me a secret handshake and made me run so fast now. I just love Tom and James so much”! ~Ian


Wendy & Joe Moquin
May 31, 2019

Hi Cathy,

I received your thank you letter today and want to take this time to say thank you to you! You have such a wonderful practice.

Today was my second appointment and I just want to let you know how pleased and impressed my husband, Joe and I are with the experience at FPTS! You were recommended to me by our neighbor, Henry Dubois, after my knee replacement surgery, and I am so happy I called him for a recommendation! I had Tom on Tuesday, he was so incredibly thorough, professional and explained everything so well, that we knew I was in the right place! Today I worked with James, and he too is fabulous, very kind, professional and thorough. He explained what, why and how of what we are going to work together on for full recovery.

Heather is also very sweet, friendly and welcoming as I am sure the rest of your staff is as well!

Thank you again, I am looking forward to my appointments next week!

M. Howcraft
April 23, 2019

I wish I would have come a lot earlier. Lauren really helped when I thought nothing else could. I am big into hiking and the outdoors so when I could barely get out of bed I knew I would not be doing any of my hobbies. Thanks to Lauren, I was back to doing the things I love to do in no time.

April 22, 2019

I came to PT after a car accident that left me with severe neck and back pain. When I first started PT the pain in my neck was so bad and my range of motion was limited that I could not move. Tom was great working with me to build my strength back up and I am forever grateful! With his help I am confident that I will be able to keep up my hiking trips as planned this summer!

G. Locke
April 18, 2019

I learned what a 10 on the pain scale was the night I tore my MCL. It was in bad shape, but thanks to the good care of Tom, Lauren, and James I can see a full return to normalcy. I also know that I am prepared to better care for myself so that my future looks much brighter than it otherwise might.
I appreciate the questions, friendliness, and the attention that I received.
Thanks to all , and I hope I only see you again outside the office!

J. Taylor
April 5, 2019

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Nystagmus, a nerve disorder that affects the muscles which control eye movement. Constant eye movement causes balance issues and my ENT doctor thought vestibular therapy rehab might help mitigate the problem. Fortunately, I was referred to Family Physical Therapy Services and specially, Lauren Fournier, who put together a program of exercises designed to improve my balance. Over the 10 week treatment period, she made the process challenging, enjoyable, and more importantly, effective. As a result, my balance has improved substantially and simple daily activities have become more manageable thanks to Lauren and Family Physical Therapy Services.

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