My PT Story About My Broken Leg

“I Had to have my Mom carry me into Physical Therapy because I broke my Tibia in two places. I couldn’t even walk, or run, or do anything. Tom helped me go on the treadmill and let me jump on the trampoline. I really like how there’s a picture of Tom as a skeleton. Slim is so silly and I like when he dresses up. James helped me so much. I loved when we did obstacle courses, did races, and catched the ball. He made me so strong. Now I can do all kinds of stuff. Tom taught me a secret handshake and made me run so fast now. I just love Tom and James so much”!  ~Ian



“Hi Cathy,

I received your thank you letter today and want to take this time to say thank you to you!  You have such a wonderful practice.

Today was my second appointment and I just want to let you know how pleased and impressed my husband, Joe and I are with the experience at FPTS! You were recommended to me by our neighbor, Henry Dubois, after my knee replacement surgery, and I am so happy I called him for a recommendation! I had Tom on Tuesday, he was so incredibly thorough, professional and explained everything so well, that we knew I was in the right place! Today I worked with James, and he too is fabulous, very kind, professional and thorough. He explained what, why and how of what we are going to work together on for full recovery.

Heather is also very sweet, friendly and welcoming as I am sure the rest of your staff is as well!

Thank you again, I am looking forward to my appointments next week!

~Wendy & Joe Moquin


“I came to PT in hopes to release my neck and right shoulder pain that I was experiencing due to a car accident I was in. Prior to starting PT I found it difficult to sleep through the night. I also found it almost impossible to look over my shoulder, which made driving very difficult. The staff here worked with me not only release the muscle tension I constantly felt, but also strengthen those muscles to prevent further tension. I enjoyed all of the friendly faces of the staff here. From the moment you walk in, to your last visit the staff is awesome and very personable. THANKYOU!”

~K. Jepson


My PT Story About My “Diastasis Recti”

“After 4 children the last pregnancy being twins. My weak mom tummy was not appealing. Working with Effie weekly and strictly sticking with the exercises and workout stretches, I am able to do my motherly duties as well as feel comfortable in my own body. I thank Effie for all I have been able to accomplish.”

~S. Franco


“I came to PT for my left knee. I couldn’t do simple things like, climb stairs or walk any distance without pain and swelling in my knee. With treatment and strengthening my knee is as good as new. I can hike and bicycle and play with my grandchildren again. My shoulder was painful and stiff. I couldn’t reach into my closet or cabinets or raise my arm above my head. After treatment I can reach and enjoy life pain free. Thank you Tom and James for your help and encouragement.”

~D. Traynor


“Several years ago I was diagnosed with Nystagmus, a nerve disorder that affects the muscles which control eye movement. Constant eye movement causes balance issues and my ENT doctor thought vestibular therapy rehab might help mitigate the problem. Fortunately, I was referred to Family Physical Therapy Services and specially, Lauren Fournier, who put together a program of exercises designed to improve my balance. Over the 10 week treatment period, she made the process challenging, enjoyable, and more importantly, effective. As a result, my balance has improved substantially and simple daily activities have become more manageable thanks to Lauren and Family Physical Therapy Services.”

~J. Taylor


“I learned what a 10 on the pain scale was the night I tore my MCL. It was in bad shape, but thanks to the good care of Tom, Lauren, and James I can see a full return to normalcy. I also know that I am prepared to better care for myself so that my future looks much brighter than it otherwise might.
I appreciate the questions, friendliness, and the attention that I received.
Thanks to all , and I hope I only see you again outside the office!”

~G. Locke


“I started working with Effie early in my pregnancy to strengthen my pelvic floor and back. She has been an amazing resource for all things related to staying strong and active during my pregnancy and coming up with a plan for postpartum recovery. I have been able to continue with exercise and she has helped to alleviate some of the low back pain I started to experience.”

~M. Olitsky


“I wish I would have come a lot earlier. Lauren really helped when I thought nothing else could. I am big into hiking and the outdoors so when I could barely get out of bed I knew I would not be doing any of my hobbies. Thanks to Lauren, I was back to doing the things I love to do in no time.”

~M. Howcraft


“I came to PT after a car accident that left me with severe neck and back pain. When I first started PT the pain in my neck was so bad and my range of motion was limited that I could not move. Tom was great working with me to build my strength back up and I am forever grateful! With his help I am confident that I will be able to keep up my hiking trips as planned this summer!”



“After a several month history of bilateral shoulder pain awakening me several times a night, I decided to seek physical therapy to help me problem solve and fix them. Tom and James were of tremendous help with strengthening exercises to reduce pain, increase flexibility, and function. My thanks to them both for the improvement and reduced pain. Biggest treat was improved sleep through the night! Wahoo!”



“I was at college when I got my concussion. I was sent home and referred to Family Physical Therapy. Things you would normally do without thinking are suddenly hard. I spent a lot of time shaking my head up and down and left and right at letters on the wall. You would not think it but I started to improve just by that. Towards the end of my therapy I was saying the alphabet backwards while tossing a ball in the air and using the agility ladder. Two things I would have never thought I could do. ”

~D. Pollock


“After A head butt from my son, I was struggling daily with headaches, memory loss, blurred vision ect. I started seeing Lauren- yes, believe it or not, there is PT for concussions! It was a life changer! A month later and I feel normal again! Lauren was so fun to work with. She made PT fun and enjoyable and I am so grateful! Thank you Lauren, Cathy and everyone else at FPTS!”

~R. Putney


“I have been active my whole life including during my pregnancy. I do all types of workouts and enjoy running. In January, I was diagnosed with sesamoiditis. I was devastated. There was even talk that I may not run again. After trying a boot and podiatry, I chose to find a PT practice. I have loved the service and care I’ve received at Family PT Services from Day 1! They listened and helped me not only heal but take steps to not only get back to running but to become an even stronger runner! James and Tom are outstanding at what they do! Thank you… every step I take I’ll be thinking of you and grateful for your services.! Also thank you for everyone in the office being supportive of Dani coming!

~R. VandenBerg


“I thank James and Tom for their work on my ankle. They put e through the paces and it feels so much better. I have never left PT sweating, but they made me. I also fixed the fan on the treadmill at no cost.”

~J. Morin


“I had a big problem with my leg – worked with Tom and James and found the solution.”

~R. Asadourian


“ I had a wonderful experience with Family Therapy Services. After my knee replacement surgery, I was in a lot of pain and restricted motion. With the help of Effie and Jenn, I worked diligently with everything they told me to do including exercises, how to walk correctly with a cane, and how to master step climbing. Over the past three months, I’m happy to report that with their kindness and skill, I am walking without a cane, am able to ambulate without difficulty and can walk a mile or two without pain. I am extremely grateful to Effie and Jenn for their help in putting me on the road to recovery. I highly recommend FPTS .”

~G. Ellis


“When I first came to Family Physical Therapy, I was two weeks post-op from full tear rotator cuff repair. I could not at the time imagine feeling better. The recovery was painful and took a toll physically and mentally, but I always looked forward to coming here. Jenn and Tom were amazing – always uplifting and positive! Less than 6 months ago, I couldn’t use my right arm at all and today I am so much stronger ad more confident and able to finally workout again. I will miss this place- but hope to not be back anytime soon. I cannot thank Jenn and Tom enough!”

~N. McKeon


“Shortly after a motor vehicle accident, I developed a constant pain in my left shoulder blade area. I have always been physically active. This pain however was making things I enjoyed and looked forward to doing less enjoyable. I waited about a month from the time of injury before making an appointment for PT. During the first few visits, I already had convinced myself that this was something I was going to live with for the rest of my left. Looking back at that period, all I can say is “Boy was I wrong.” I am glad I made the call ad started PT then. With the great weather just around the corner, I see myself out there enjoying things as before. Thank you Guys!!

~A. Masiko


“For about 10 years, I held my back pain at bay with a combination of yoga, walking and other exercises. However, time and arthritis were taking their toll. In rapid succession, I had three set-backs. Through it all, Effie and Jenn took great care of me. Thank you all!!”

~G. Miller


“I want to thank the staff, Tom, Jenn, Henry and James for the care they all showed me in getting to the root of my problem. Showing me how to be a part of my therapy. Also, Heather and Maryanne for caring about my rehab. I would also like to thank the whole organization for helping me become pain free.”

~P. Farrell


“A bulging disc hitting the spinal nerve in my back caused extreme pain!. Improving posture and strengthening my abdominal muscles helped me go forward to manage my sciatica and arthritis. Flexion exercises decreased the stiffness in my lower back. Keeping my back flat on the floor will be easy with the memory of my PT’s voice asking me to imagine a hot cup of coffee on my braces abs. I will also here Effie’s voice instructing me to march “light as a feather.” Helpful phrases as I exercise on my own!”

~N. Herper


“When I came to Family Physical Therapy, I was experiencing headaches 4 to 5 times a week with pain radiating behind my eyes, ear ringing, and neck pain. With the help from Tom and Jenn, they gave me exercises to help minimize the pain, that were manageable with my teaching schedule. Now I’m leaving with a home maintenance program I’m confident with and comfortable with continuing! I am forever grateful for the experience here at Family Physical Therapy.”

~Mallory Higgins


“I arrived at Family P.T. with moderate/severe neck and shoulder pain. After working with Tom and Jenn for several weeks, my pain is mostly gone. I have improved function and strength. Tom and Jenn are so dedicated and professional. They are caring and so kind. I am leaving with an exercise program that I will be able to follow and continue to build my strength. Thank you so much!”

~L. Grazis


“My first day at Family Therapy Services with Tom, I was unsure I would ever recover. Tom’s persistence and instruction of how to defeat my pain became a true reality. I am 100% better today than my first day. I truly appreciate his concern and help through a difficult time in my life. Thank you Tom!!

~D. Thompson


After being misdiagnosed, I went to get a second opinion and was diagnosed with a SLAP Tear ( 1 ½ years post injury). I have been to Family Physical Therapy before and had a great outcome. I can not thank Tom and Jen enough for all they have done to get me ack to full ROM Strength ad mobility. After surgery, I was not able to pull up my pants, put up my hair or even drive with my left hand. The before and after is amazing! They also helped with communicating with my surgeon on various questions and concerns.

~ A. Riedel


“Everyone was extremely helpful and worked with my injury very well. I was going to have to get an MRI done for possible surgery, but with Tom and Jen’s help and dedication I don’t need surgery. Hopefully, I don’t have to come back again but if I ever do, they are all very great staff and Physical Therapists. Toward the end they kicked my butt to see if I was unable to do anything, but I made a pretty full recovery. Thanks again to everyone at Family Physical Therapy!”

~ C. Murgatroy


“Before PT with Family Physical Therapy Services, I was waking up in pain and I was having difficulty standing. I am an athletic girl who plays soccer and is on the swim team, as you can imagine, properly functioning legs is required for both sports. And now that I’ve had PT, I’m sure that I’ll perform just as well if not better than before my injury/diagnosis. Thank you Family Physical Therapy!”

~ C. Turner


“When I first walked into Family Physical Therapy I was experiencing the worst pain I had ever felt. I was unable to drive or even stand up straight. After working with Tom and following his instructions, I was able to slowly resume my hobbies and get back to my life. I can’t say enough about my experience with Tom and the whole staff at FPTS. They are wonderful, but I hope I don’t have to use them again.”

~ C. Wilson


“During a routine annual physical, I told my doctor that I had pains in my right leg and my lower back spasmed when I tried to get out of a chair. He prescribed physical therapy and I went to Tom and Jenn for an evaluation and exercises I could do at home. The Family Physical Therapy staff was thorough, knowledgeable and quickly had me improving in every aspect of my symptoms. My flexibility is much better and the pains have disappeared. I am very happy with the results!”

~ D. Kuhns


“I injured my shoulder in a ski accident and was in some pain while doing simple activities, like putting on my coat. I had problems sleeping with laying on my back with pressure on my shoulder. I was able to work with Tom on getting my shoulder back to normal with no pain. Thank you so much for my therapy – great people to work with and convenient location.”

~ D. Choate


“Tom and Jen were an absolute pleasure to work with following my rotator cuff repair. A++++. I will recommend family and friends.”

~ D. Foley


“My daughter Erasmia started out very hesitant to give up her crutches and boot. After one on one with Effie and Jen, she was able to build confidence, healing happened very quickly after that. Thank you very much for all your help and giving her such a great experience as well as giving her tools to help prevent further injury! All the best!”

~ E. Condodemetraky


“Before coming here I had Knee pain all the time. Now, after working with the great people here on strengthening the areas that needed to be, I am much happier.”

~ J. Leblanc


“One morning, I felt a twinge in my back and by the end of the day had pain shooting down my left leg. Sleep was difficult with pain waking me many times. My doctor prescribed medication and referred me for PT. I had never done PT before and didn’t know what to expect. Working with Tom and Jenn has been very enjoyable, and the exercises and stretches they’ve given me have been very helpful! Less than six week after the initial onset of symptoms, I am pain free and feeling stronger than ever! Thank you!”

~ J. Solbeck


“During my pregnancy, I suffered from pelvic and hip pain that really limited my physical activity. Following a difficult labor that resulted in a C-section, I was left feeling weak with continued pain. This made it difficult for me to do everyday activities such as walking, squatting, getting up from off the floor, getting in and out of bed and picking up my newborn baby. I started working with Effie at Family Physical Therapy when I was about eight weeks postpartum. Effie really took the time to listen to how I was feeling and she was always professional and friendly. She was able to get my pelvis back in alignment and instruct me on stretches and exercises for y core, arms, legs, and back to help get my strength back. After eight weeks of therapy, I finally am feeling like myself again. I would tell anyone who is experiencing pain or just looking to stay active in a safe way during their pre or post-natal journey to go see Effie. I wish I had gone sooner!”

~ J. Benitez


“I think I now know every stretching exercise in the book. I won’t claim to liking the exercises, but they do help. Effie and Jenn are great. My bock is not cured, but it is better and I have better tools for dealing with it. Thanks to all.”

~ J. Miller


“Before I began with Tom and Jennifer, I could barely lift my right arm without significant pain. After 4-5 weeks of focused PT, my range of motion returned to normal and I continue to work on my own with strength re-training. I will recommend Tom and his staff to anyone with orthopedic issues. Their PT really helped my get back to normal.”

~ J. Beaver

“I came in with terrible neck tightness and pain presumably from a poorly set up workstation and bad body mechanics. After speaking with Tom and several visits, I realized all the ways I could better control my posture in my environment! I’ve now got the tools for strengthening and maintaining a more positive body posture during my long work day and at home. And I can sleep again! Yay! Thank you!”

~ L. Stevens


“After having my second child, I was diagnosed with diastasis Recti. I was unsure how to help myself to properly improve the separation, but knew many exercises could actually make the condition worse. I started working with Effie and now have the knowledge to help improve the condition. I’ve already seen an improvement in just a few months! I feel so much better having spent this time to improve and now know how to continue on my own! Thank you Effie!”

~ L. Valliere


“Before coming to PT I had left shoulder pain and movement restriction. Through evaluation, PT, and referral to an ortho doctor, my pain is gone and I have full movement back. During treatment, I developed a low back issue which was evaluated and treated with success. Thank you Cathy, Jen and Tom.”

~ L. Davis


“I was worried that I would have any mobility in my foot that I would have a hard time walking. I had problems walking up and down stairs but with the help of the staff here at Family Physical Therapy I can now go up and don stairs with no problems and no pain. I want to thank everyone at Family Physical Therapy for all you’ve done to help me.”

~ M. Lemay


“Thanks to Effie, my miracle therapist! After falling at the finish line of the Bedford Rotary Race, I came in with a left leg that I could not bend or stretch out, an elbow that I could not bend, and a shoulder that ached with most movement. Effie knows every bone, muscle and tendon in the body and quickly figured out what I needed. She followed through so that two months later I am whole again. She is very professional, but so pleasant; made me look forward to coming to PT and encouraged at every appointment. Thanks also to Jenn, my “assistant” miracle therapist; she was so instrumental to my recovery – 5 stars for her. “

~ M. Frederick


“I picked coming to Family Physical Therapy because my husband had come here a few years back. I had experience with a physical therapy place in another place years back which was not very good. I have to say, working with Tom and Jenn was such a difference. They were very professional and listened to what I had to say. They helped my tremendously with my back issue. I would recommend Family Physical Therapy to anyone.”

~ M. Bruno


“I am a runner and I had bad Si joint pain. I was very nervous that my running was over. The PT staff not only helped me with the correct exercises, but they helped me get back to what I love to do…..running! In just 9 visits I got back to “me”. In April of 2018 I am signed up for my first marathon. Thank you Family Physical Therapy.”

~ K.Whitten

“Balance issues such as fearing to fall in a store with very shiny floors or in long hallways is what drove me to try PT. After a number of sessions, I regained my confidence. The time spent attending the sessions at PT was a good thing for me. I feel I’m much more confident and comfortable now than when I first started coming to Family Physical Therapy.“

~ R. Boisvert


Effie has been absolutely fantastic! I started coming to her when I was 5 months pregnant and my hip pain was so bad I could barely walk. She gave me lots of helpful stretches to do and also explained how pregnancy affects your ligaments. It was nice to know I was not alone! I continued to seeing her after my pregnancy to work on some lingering hip and back pain, and she has been so helpful with stretches and information on proper body mechanics. I’m going to miss her!

~ V. Weber


“I was recommended to PT by an orthopaedic specialist who claimed my x-rays showed “beautiful” knee joints but with a painful sprained ligament (MCL) in my right knee. FPTS found that there was a complication! Who knew? After five weeks of ultrasound, stretching, exercise, and massage the MCL has resolved and when the plica acts up it responds to massage. Exercise and stretching continues… Thanks Tom and Jenn!”

~J. Herper


“Once upon a time, there was an age-advanced Golden Girl who failed to yield, and she T-boned an already broken bald bearded biker and his queen. This man and his queen has suffered neck, upper back and bilateral shoulder pain thus needing physical therapy. Family Physical Therapy of Bedford NH was highly recommended, so was contacted and together my queen and I began our treatment there. Upon each visit, we were greeted by a multitude of pleasant Heather’s who worked with us with scheduling, billing and another in a glass bowl offering us unwavering moral support. Therapists Tom and Jenn offered us both professional and private sessions simultaneously which offered a convenient and comforting environment to recovery. Through a collaborative effort of all, I personally have reached a full recovery from this particular incident. While I have ongoing other issues, I will most definitely consider this facility for future physical therapy. It is without hesitation and great pride that I unwaveringly recommend FPTS for anyone needing physical preservative, repair or simple rehabilitation.”

~ B. Coutu


“I came in with a stiff and painful shoulder that has been x-rayed, cat scanned, and MRIed. No reason was found for my pain and loss of range of motion. Tom and Jenn has me stretching and exercising and now I feel almost 100% better. Thanks guys!”

~ J. Kehr


“I came to Family Pt afrer being treated at Parkland ER for sever lower back pain. The therapy provided by Effie, Jenn, Tom and Cathy with the exercises and therapy education have fully resolved the back pain. I am impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Very Pleased.”

~ E. Nettleton

“I came to see Tom because of an old shoulder injury that had caused some instability and pain. As a chiropractor, I use my shoulders all day, and I was starting to get very sore after a busy day! After doing some trigger point release, Graston Technique, and strengthening exercises my shoulder feels better than it has in years! Thank you Tom!”

~ S. King


“I had a lot of pain in my back when I came here and saw Tm. An assessment was done and Tom recommended a group of exercises. The back pain disappeared and Tom noticed that I was having some pain with my left knee. Another assessment revealed that more work needed to be done in order to bring me back to a pain free self. Tom was very concerned that we work to eliminate the knee pain and not aggravate the back. I can now sit on the floor and play with the grandkids and get up from the floor on my own!”

~ R. Caron


“Can’t say enough about Family Physical Therapy and Effie as my therapist. As long as you do as you are told you will feel much better in a short period of time. I would recommend anybody that needs treatment to Family Physical Therapy. Thank you for your help and kindness. “

~ S. Beleski


“I was very stiff in my back, lots of weakness in my muscles, bad posture and less strength. After the Pt her at Family Physical Therapy Services, I am improving my posture, my back muscles are strengthening also stiffness had decreased. Very good mobility and flexibility of spine now. Also the strength of muscles in increasing. I really thank FPT for my recovery and progress. “

~ S. Manelkar


“After thoroughly explaining my issue and history, everyone has been fantastic. Results were amazing exercises were great. Massage worked well. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Location was great.“

~ S. Kauffman


“I started coming to PT because my knee was bothering me in sports. I play basketball and Lacrosse so it would really bother my knee. My knee would hurt whenever I started running or jumping. When I started seeing Tom I got a lot of different exercises from him and started feeling a lot better! Now I am more flexible, and my knee does not hurt because of Family Physical Therapy. Thanks Tom!”

~T. Guibord


“Before coming here I had a lot of numbness throughout my upper back combined with some pain. This would happen randomly throughout the day. After coming here there is a huge difference. Thanks to the help of Jen and Tom I no longer feel that numbness or pain!

~R. Carder


“I came here from a surgery on my left shoulder that still had issues from my last therapy. With the help of Tom and Jen, I now have more movement and less pain than what I had. They are very well educated in what they do. Thank you very much!”

~P. Gagnon


“I came to PT because of back and pelvic pain. It was debilitating and preventing me from doing, not only my daily activities, but all of the things I enjoy – hiking, gardening, etc. I began working with Tom and Jen although most of my time was spent with Tom. He has helped me tremendously. He has educated me about my body – not just telling me to exercise, but why, and because of this I am now pain free and able to do all the things I love. I am so grateful to have my life back! Thank you. 😊

~L. Steere


“Amazing experience here with Tom and Jenn! Had huge problems with stairs, walking, running, etc. before PT (Thanks to basketball ACL rupture). But had a steady improvement thanks to the personal touch and attention to my specific needs. Thanks to all at Family PT!!”

~A. Violette


“After multiple years living with shoulder pain, I finally decided to try PT. Tom and staff provided an education in anatomy, stretching, and strengthening exercises. I feel 100% better, have no pain and look forward to using my shoulder again! Thank You!” 😊

~J. Gorham


I started therapy here Jan. 4, 2017 and finished Feb. 2, 2017. I came into Family PT on one crutch. I worked with both Jenn and Tom the first few times. Tom was my primary therapist and he asked me what I was doing for therapy outside. I showed him the different exercises. He took them one by one and was able to fine tune them, like leaning forward on squats as I had been leaning the wrong way. I have bi-lateral hip and back problems. Tom evaluated every exercise I was doing outside and made adjustments so as not to injure myself during my recovery. Tom really gets into his job and I found him fully dedicated to his patients. The patient has to do the therapy and follow through or they won’t get the benefits of his expertise. Tom gets an A+ from me. I did my part as well. All patients are not created equal nor are all therapists. I would give Tom and Family PT the highest recommendation and remind new patients to follow through on their end to get the maximum results.

Henry Richards,


“Tom and Jenn were very supportive with helping me function a lot better in an attempt to preserve my occasional falling. I have broken 3 fingers and my sternum at different times and thanks to them, I have better control of me legs with the hope of no more occurrences. Thank you Tom and Jenn.”

G. Wenzel,


“Effie has been absolutely fantastic! I started coming to her when I was 5 months pregnant and my hip pain was so bad I could barely walk. She gave me lots of helpful stretches to do and also explained how pregnancy affects your ligaments. It was nice to know I was not alone! I continued to seeing her after my pregnancy to work on some lingering hip and back pain, and she has been so helpful with stretches and information on proper body mechanics. I’m going to miss her!”

V. Weber,


“I came to PT with what I felt was unbearable neck pain from arthritis. I did not want to take pain pills so requested a referral back to physical therapy (I was here 5+ years ago). Effie works wonders! I had been unable to attend gym and aerobics classes- now I am back the gym (after 4 months away) and have resumed walking 2 miles daily with my dogs and last week I went downhill skiing. Thanks so much!”

T. Shaka,


“I first came to Family PT after graduating college and four years of studying & computer use has taken its toll on my posture. My shoulders were perpetually hunched, my back was tense, my neck was forward, I walked like a Neanderthal. After a few months working with Tom and Jenn, I was able to improve my posture dramatically and stand up tall and straight with no trouble at all.”

C. Campbell,


“I came to Family PT after a rough surgery on my left hip, because my growth plate slipped. It was very rough, and I ended up on crutches for 14 weeks. Mrs. Effie gave me some exercises to help me get through this phase. Now I am 85% better than I was and can go on the trampoline with no pain. Thank you so much!”

J. Picone,


“After many months of shoulder discomfort and getting advised from my brother-in-law, a former PT, my daughter Sarah recommended Family PT. Steve, Jenn and Tom have helped me return to near normal motion. All I need to do is keep up my routine!”

R. Souza,


“When I came here about 4 months ago I could barely get out of bed or stand up from a sitting position because of the intense pain in my lower back. Gradually, through manipulations, massage, and patient instruction on exercises and stretches, Tom has gotten me to the point where I am pain free. He has given me an exercise and stretch regimen that I am confident I can keep up for the long term. I am eternally grateful to you Tom, thanks!”

J. Schnick,


“Prior to starting treatment, my upper back pain was becoming more and more troubling for me and causing significant pain. Shortly after beginning treatment my pain and symptoms started to improve and continue to do so. You’ve given me confidence and the ability to be pain free and taught me what I need to do to stay that way! Thank YOU!”

S. Ahnen,


“Tom and Jenn did a wonderful job restoring full motion to my impinged shoulder. Both were extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Thank you so much for helping me get better and providing a great PT experience!”

K. Dussault,


“When I first started at FPTS, I could not go up a curb without holding on, lost my independence, was afraid to go out by myself for fear of falling. After about 3 months of PT and doing my exercises at home, I am walking better and even doing curbs on my own. I have my confidence and independence back which I never want to lose again. I learned an awful lot. Jenn even gave me exercises to do in the pool in Florida. Jenn got me through a very bad time in my life!”

M. Rouillard,


“I have had planter fasciitis for quite a long time. I have not been able to take walks, dance or do my music job pain free for more than a year. Thanks to Tom’s great patient help I feel I have got my life back again! I am now pain free and very happy. Tom has helped me in a very encouraging and professional way to achieve my goal. He has made me think about what works and doesn’t and guided me in a very positive way. Thanks Tom. “

P. Sullivan,


“I never had professional physical therapy before. After having my knee replaced, I thought I would never walk again. FPTS was recommended to me by my home therapist. I started going to FPTS twice a week and from the beginning, I knew I came to the right place. With Tom and Jenn’s expertise for several weeks, I can now walk without my cane for the first time in many years. Most of all, I have no more pain. Hurray for me and for the FPTS staff.”

M. Lamy,


“My time here ended all too soon! Thanks to the very capable and expertise of Tom Fontana. The exercises he gave me to do were so helpful in my healing and his delightful humor was a plus!! He is the type of guy I’d like to party with! I will be more than happy to refer Family Physical Therapy to everyone. They certainly deserve the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”. Carry on! ”

R. Frye,


“What is your goal for physical therapy?” Tom asked me. “I want a fully functioning shoulder so that I can sit ski again.” was my reply. So began my PT journey.

For a sit skier, arms and upper body do all the work of getting down the mountain. A sit skier sits in a bucket shaped seat attached to a pair of skis. Speed and direction are controlled with outriggers attached to your arms. If you fall the wrong way you can really tear up your shoulders. Last April, I fell the wrong way and injured my left shoulder. I was referred to Family Physical Therapy Services and began my rehab journey.

Over the course of several weeks Tom and Dan put my shoulder through a series of exercises designed to increase the strength and stability of my shoulder. They were constant cheerleaders and confidence boosters who kept me motivated and moving forward in the process. They sought out specific exercises, even inventing a few that would simulate the stresses of skiing. Their explanations of what each exercise would do to enhance my recovery were clear and easy to understand. Of course I did my part by following through with the exercises between sessions.

As I grew stronger I began to believe that my shoulder would be up to the task. I wouldn’t really be certain until I had the chance to ski again. On January 6th I hesitantly began my first lesson of the season. I was thrilled to discover that my “bad” shoulder held up to the challenge better than my “good” one!

I know that I would not be skiing this winter if I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience the caring expertise of Tom and Dan. Thanks, guys!”

Wendy Katsekas,


“Steve did a very good job and I appreciate the hard work. Thank you!”

Edward S.,


“I had a shoulder problem that was getting worse every week. Tom was great in helping me understand what was wrong and what I needed to do to get back to where I was before the problem began. I feel 100% better and would recommend Family Physical Therapy to everyone who is having a problem or in need of physical therapy”

Cheryl Wolfsohn,


“Great experience. Many thanks!

Donald Manning,


“I came to Family Physical Therapy Services after dislocating my shoulder in an accident at home. I was in a sling for 10 days and then two days after I was out, I dislocated it again, wiping off a table. After the sling came off the first time, I was feeling pretty good and was using my arm as much as I thought I could, but after the second injury, I was afraid to do anything! Tom and Dan taught me exercises and monitored my progress and through their work, I got my confidence back. The exercises were easy to do at home either with things I had or with inexpensive equipment. They always asked how things were going at home – what could I do that was new, what was still a challenge. Now, 3 months after the accident I can do everything I need to do. I will continue to stretch and strengthen, but I have no doubt that I would be in a much different, much worse place, without my time at Family Physical Therapy. Thank you!!”

Ann Noyes,

I have had a very long standing relationship with Family PT. This was my first time working with Effie and also my first time with a new joint (shoulder). Both experiences were wonderful! After many years I now have use of a previously unusable arm thanks to a new joint and Effie’s wonderful pushing and guiding through the process of strengthening my new shoulder and surrounding muscles. I am now working on my own and hope I can live up to Effie’s expectations. Thank you Effie!”

Joan Shute,


”As a boomer with degenerative osteoarthritis my long term goal was / is simple: I will function normally and confidently for the rest of my life. For me, normally means walking upright; unimpeded vigorous exercise at least 5 x’s a week; running a business (tailored analytics solution) business many hours a day; and, enjoying my family (now including 5 wonderful, very energetic grandchildren, ages 1 to 8— with more on the way!). Maintaining my balance for the long term (especially in context of 2 hip replacements; and, a spine declared a “train wreck” by the orthopedic docs) was and is prerequisite to making my goal happen.

The FPTS team enabled me to work toward my goal by implementing a three step plan: 1. Creating a routine of balancing exercises (like: balancing on one leg while standing on a “half-ball”; playing catch with a medicine ball while standing on 1 leg; and, picking up Dixie cups set in a circle on the floor…you guessed it…while standing one leg); 2. Mentoring / monitoring me at the FPTS offices to ensure I had mastered the balancing exercises; and, 3. Enabling me to continue the routine at my home, office or, of course, in the gym.

The results speak for themselves: despite “listing’” 1.5 inches to the left while standing (thanks to the train wreck spine) I now enjoy walking, hiking, snowshoeing, and vigorously exercising — all with absolute confidence (passing many everyday tests— like doing a hands-free cross-fit routine on an Elliptical machine…or, walking off a curb I didn’t see in the dark…or, tripping on stairs…or, stepping on unseen objects in the middle of the night). And, oh yes, the grandkids do their best to run me and my wife ragged…we have a great time playing all kinds of games…no worries about the terrain…we’re all just like “the little engine that could”. Life for me, on balance, is now way cool and really joyful.”

~Gene Mehr


“Steve did a great job on my shoulder, back to all my old habits now! ”

Walter Read,


“Two years ago I started having pain in both feet. M.D. after M.D. could only tell me I had arthritis in my feet, but no cure. I asked my family doctor is I could go to PT and I had Tom and Dan (a real good team) with their guidance after a few months and a lot of exercise I no longer have foot pain. If I ever need PT again FPTS is the ONLY place to go. Great people, great results.”


“The process of recovery from tearing my ACL and meniscus was a humbling experience to say the least. Prior to my injury, I played on my college rugby team, was an avid hiker, and a regular at my local crossfit ring. I thought that after my surgery I would be back at it within a couple of months. However, I was horrified when I realized I could not even bend my leg, let alone walk for three months. Around that three month mark, I started going to Family Physical Therapy. The staff was extremely dedicated and knowledgeable on the process of my recovery. Everyday I went in, they would assess what my knee needed whether that be the ice machine or new strengthening exercises. Throughout my journey of recovery they continued to push me to strengthen myself. Since I finished my sessions at Family Physical Therapy, I have been able to go rock climbing and even hike Mt. Washington this summer. I started doing yoga and hope to be returning to crossfit shortly. I will forever appreciate being able to walk and the help and support I got from everyone at Family Physical Therapy. It is great to be doing what I love again!”

Courtney Koffink,


“I came to FPTS for a frozen shoulder. After 2 manipulations under anesthesia, Tom had my shoulder in great shape. And then…I fell and fractured my humerus! So not funny! Lucky it was the same shoulder although it pushed my recovery back six weeks. I returned to FPTS ready and willing to get back to PT. After many months working with Tom, I am happy to say that my shoulder is finally back to where it should be. Tom’s the best!”

Lisa Cross,


“It’s been a little over a month since my last visit to Family Physical Therapy Services. During this time I have returned to all the activities I want and enjoy. The treatments I received from Steve Lisowe relieved the pain in my back and the exercises he recommended allow me to remain pain free. I will gladly recommend FPTS and especially Steve Lisowe to all I meet who suffer from pain and seek physical therapy with the stipulation that they follow his guidance and follow through on his exercises recommendations. It works for me!”

Robert Francoeur,


“I had a wonderful experience at Family Physical Therapy. After my surgery it was critical that I get the proper physical therapy, to restore my ability to walk. Within a short time working with Steve, I was able to walk more and more every week. I walked 5.5 miles and felt great. Thank you for all your support and knowledge! It is also great to ride my bike again, climb mountains and swim!”

Mary Beth Cox,


“I was rather naïve until my late 60’s , as I exercised (walking) and took fairly good care of myself. I thought I would never have serious health issues, but my back started bothering me to the point where my wife had to drive me around. At times, my leg would have very painful cramps when driving. My back started to keep me up at night. Therapy has certainly helped. I just went on a 2400 mile round trip by car. I had heat on my back. I could do part of the driving and was able to sit for long periods. At rest stops I did some of the stretches I was taught.”

Joseph Medved,


“I chose FPTS because of proximity to my home. There were other options. My therapist, Tom Fontana, was not only extremely professional but started me on a rehab program that has allowed significant improvement to my strained shoulder. Better range of motion and now minimal, if any pain. The exercises Tom provided clearly allowed this improvement. I would highly recommend the FPTS to anyone in need of friendly and professional PT services.”

Don Bealko,


“When I first came here, I wasn’t even able to walk, let alone run or do any other exercise. After working with some of the amazing staff here, I’m able to walk away with new information on my legs, prevent this injury from happening again, and now I can constantly make myself stronger! Though I’m not quite back into my running routine, thanks to people including Tom, Dan and Steve, I’m back into my other workout routine to prepare for Gronk camp and look good in my wedding dress.”

Meredith Young,


“Over the course of late 2014 and into early 2015 my shoulder was gradually getting more and more painful until finally it hurt horribly even when I was just sitting and watching T.V. Now, being 14 and in school I knew I had to get help before gym class started, so I went to PT. At school I played clarinet and piano for the school bands, and my responsibilities were getting difficult due to pain, but much to my relief Tom was able to help me out. Now as summer vacation is drawing to a close I’m happy to say that my freshman year should be pain free!”

Abby Cole,


“After my second rotator cuff repair, and a rushed experience at another PT place, Steve at Family Physical Therapy worked hard for a year and a half to get my shoulder back to where it needed to be. Steve was always willing to help and worked hard to improve my strength. Everybody was always kind and smiling every day I was here. Thank you all so much for your time and effort!” ~Derek Geddes

Derek Geddes,


I was impressed with everyone at FPTS and would recommend them to anyone. Tom Fontana was my MSPT. He did an unbelievably detailed evaluation and combined his extreme competence with encouragement and lots of humor to quickly improve my condition and get me to a pain-free state.



I enjoyed going to see Tom and Dan for the problem I was having with my hip. They were very professional with their approach to trying to correct the problem. Both were very concerned with any pain I might be having and with any additional pain they may have been causing with the various exercises and stretches they had me do or did on me. Although PT was not the answer to my issues, I would definitely refer them to others or use them again for any other issues I might have.

John Antonellis,


I broke my elbow in March, playing hockey. Over the past three months, Steve has been instrumental in getting the use of my arm back. He was very knowledgeable about my injury, how it would impact my daily activities, and what I could expect on my recovery. Steve was very easy to talk to and answered all my questions thoroughly. He knew just how hard to push me and was very encouraging. Three months after the injury I have full use of my arm. I’m indebted to Steve for everything he has done for me.

Adam Schaller,


“As a former college athlete, I really love staying active, but my knee pain was causing serious problems for me when running or playing sports. I came to see Tom and I am happily surprised with the progress I made in such a short time. He challenged me to improve my overall strength and kept me motivated throughout my visits. I now have tools to maintain the strength I have gained and to continue progressing. I am excited to get back on the basketball court and to start increasing my running mileage.

Thanks for everything!”

Ashleigh Sargent,


“When I started PT I was on crutches, couldn’t put any pressure on my right leg, and was miserable. I missed being active and just being able to walk to my classes without help. However, every week since I’ve started PT I’ve seen significant improvements! Within a month I was able to walk again and within 2 months back to yoga. I can easily see myself returning to hiking and crossfit within another couple months.

The staff here was AMAZING!! Great people that know their info!! So glad I came here! Thank you!!”

Courtney Koffink,


“Effie – Great focus and technique with excellent efficiency. Very knowledgeable and experienced.

Pleasure to work with”

Jim Peter,


“I tore my 2 meniscus and 2 ligaments in my right knee. After having knee surgery, my orthopedic doctor recommended PT. My friend from work recommended that I come here. BEST decision I ever made. Steve has been wonderful, caring, and very informative in teaching me how to regain the use of my leg and knee. Before coming here I had such a hard time walking and bending and couldn’t do my normal exercises. I am happy to say that I am now able to do almost all of my workouts pain free. Thank you all for everything!!”

Carol A. Barry,

“I started having low back pain at the beginning of my second pregnancy. At first I hoped it would go away and that it was just a symptom during my first trimester. However, as my pregnancy progressed, it became more difficult to do everyday tasks as a stay-at-home mom chasing a toddler around. It was painful to pick up my son, carry laundry baskets, stand at the sink to do dishes, and even lying in bed was something I didn’t look forward to. I always felt so bad that I couldn’t pick up my son or couldn’t sit with him on the floor because of my pain. After a few weeks of Physical Therapy, I started to notice a difference in my pain level every day. Using proper body mechanics and the stretches to help with my specific issue, I was able to go to bed without feeling my low back pain. I also learned how to modify my daily activities to prevent the pain from getting worse. By the end of my pregnancy I had very little pain and was able to focus on the upcoming labor and the delivery of our new baby boy. I’m so thankful for the help I received from Effie and the rest of the staff at Family Physical Therapy Services. I’m now able to perform everyday tasks without any pain and am able to snuggle both of my boys without any issues.”


“Effie helped empower me to learn exercises to relieve the serious pain I had in my sacroiliac joint and piriformis muscle so I could better enjoy my pregnancy. Effie’s delicate approach, professionalism, and wonderful attitude brought me so much relief and comfort. They were the only medical appointments I actually looked forward to.”


“I came specifically to Family Physical Therapy at the recommendation of a trusted friend. I have never regretted my decision. Tom Fontana has been my therapist and I have been very impressed by his professionalism and his dedication to my issue. Originally I came to Family therapy for a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. Tom worked on that and then worked on a leg which had been giving me considerable discomfort. I was given clear written instructions including graphics of the exercises I had to do at home daily. After months of Physical Therapy, I was discharged, but with the understanding that I would have to continue the exercises at home to maintain the level of progress made. Tom was not easy, he pushed me to my limit but was willing to pull back when I would tell him that I had reached my level of coping with the exercises. We worked well together, laughed, always working towards the goal of improving the weak areas of my shoulder and leg. The women in the office always greeted me with a smile, new my name, gave me appointments for the coming sessions. It is evident that this office worked together to get me to the point where I was able to be discharged. I highly recommend this Physical Therapy team. If I should need Physical Therapy in the future, I would definitely ask to work with Tom Fontana again.”

W. J. L.,

“outstanding office and staff I would highly recommend family physical therapy to anyone that needs help in getting back to 100%”

Mike S., Litchfield, NH

“After my sessions with Tom and Alana my hand is much stronger and no longer painful. They were very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. A great experience overall.”

Jackie B., Deerfield, NH

Cathy Leer has assembled an impressive team and I would highly recommend anyone looking to get quality treatment call them. I understand she has multiple locations too so finding the one that is close to you is easy.

Kyle B, Concord, NH

I have used Family Physical Therapy for different issues over the years. The therapist have done their jobs well and improved my quality of life. The staff may have changed over the years, but Cathy has done a great job in continuing to provide very professional and caring staff to continue to provide the best care. My appointments start right on time and Steve is a good listener and does a wonderful job explaining my treatment which will ultimately help me reach my goal to recovery. Lisa is very warm and welcoming and does a great job scheduling and accommodating my appointments. I love the addition of the Vionic footwear, it is an extra bonus for me as I’m being seen for foot issues. It’s great that there are sample shoes to try on and check out. I would highly recommend Family Physical Therapy to anyone that needs physical therapy.

Marion T., Merrimack, NH

Having been to a few PT facilities in the past for related conditions, I thought I knew what to expect when putting myself in Cathy Leer’s care. Little did I know the level of professionalism and interest in my complaints she would show before treating my left shoulder and arm. She asked what the levels of pain were for each location and how did I hurt myself. After explaining what she felt caused the pains, she then decided on a plan to alleviate these painful problems. She succeeded in relieving my pains so that I could start to play golf rather than just dream about it. When my right elbow started to give me golf-related problems, she went to work again. A combination of intensive, controlled office treatments and recommended at-home exercises resulted in overcoming another painful condition. I would not go to another PT facility

Charles M., Deerfield, NH

Cathy at Family Therapy guided me through rehab on both knee and hip replacements as well a lumbar challenges. I have been to two other PT offices and none compare. A follow-up with a physician earned high marks for increase flexibility and strength.

Mac, Bedford, NH

I went to Family Physical Therapy Services a couple of times for injuries. The care I received from Cathy & the entire staff was above and beyond. The flexibility for their patients schedules as well as expertise was enough for me to recommend Family Physical Therapy to my own family. I recommend their office to everyone.

anon, NH

GUY WITH BACK PAIN. A few months back, I pulled my back doing some jobs around the house, and could barely move or even sit. As a busy IT contractor, I felt helpless. Unfortunately, there’s no room for downtime in my work. To be honest, with the economy the way it is, and the unspoken hiring attitude about us older guys, I was worried. My wife told me to set up an appointment with Family Physical Therapy Services. Within a day or two, I was able to see Cathy, my therapist, who checked me out. She told me that I wouldn’t be fixed immediately, but if I was willing to work with her and do some exercises along with my therapy sessions, I would be able to return to normal activity. It took several weeks, but starting with that first therapy session, I started to feel better and more confident that I was in good hands. Now I’m back working with NO PAIN! Thank you Family Physical Therapy,


From my first visit to my last, Family Physical Therapy Services treated me with the care and kindness they would for a family member. All of their therapists are completely trained in their field to help you get back to living a productive life. I would recommend Family Physical Therapy Services to all of my friends and family members or whoever needed any type of physical therapy. I was sorry my sessions were over. Thanks again

Donna Paladino, NH

The level of care and training was great and I will continue to improve because of this service. I would not hesitate to return if therapy is needed in the future. The entire staff is wonderful!

Connie G., Manchester, NH

FPT is the place to go for your total PT needs. They will take great care of you, ensuring that you are not only ready now, but for future years as well.

Lisa C., Dunbarton, NH

Effie’s ability to teach therapeutic exercises is outstanding. She establishes a positive, can-do attitude in her patients. The administrative staff is helpful and courteous.

Nancy H, Bedford, NH

Steve has been great, never thought I would get this far!!

David L., Bedford, NH

Clean and comfortable facility with friendly and KNOWLEDGABLE staff! Excellent experience from start to finish nursing my back from barely able to walk or sit to perfect mobility (and I’m not yet 40). The therapists approach, exercises, explanations, and therapies were on target. Thank you FPT!

Lisa K., NH

I was very pleased with my overall experience!! Thank you so much!!

Carol S., Litchfield, NH

Great staff. Tom helped me to overcome my tennis elbow and get back to doing the things I enjoy.

Gary B, Manchester, NH

The time, care and attention I received at Family Physical Therapy far exceeded what I received last year at a local hospital-related clinic. The clinicians at FPT are experienced and knowledgeable, and they really want the patient to understand the problem and possible solutions. I have less pain and increased mobility in my knee and now plan to continue to do the helpful exercises I was given at home. If I should need PT again, I will be sure to return to this clinic!

Jane C, Hooksett, NH

I had used Family Physical Therapy Services for a couple of years. I had constant issues with both my knees and lower back. Cathy and the entire staff were extremely approachable and took the time to figure out a treatment plan that was just for me. Today, my issues are no more and I recommended them to anyone I know that needs a physical therapist. They had flexibility with their schedule also to help accommodate mine. I suggested to my mother when she needed treatment to go right to them and she did. She also had the same great experience I had. Thank you Family Physical Therapy Services! You guys are awesome!

Tess S., Manchester, NH

I can’t say enough great things about this practice. Cathy and her entire staff are professional and dedicated to you and your well being. I have been helped tremendously with back/neck issues as well as a sprained ankle on a seperate occasion. Each injury was resolved under their care and attention. I must also add that Cathy has taken my care to another level by communicating and working with other physicians to help me get well. I am forever grateful. She is the best physical therapist in this area and beyond.

Angela M., Bedford, NH

I was looking for a Physical Therapist in the Bedford/Manchester area and found Family Physical Therapy Services in Bedford. I was able to get an appointment the very next day and the staff was wonderful. Steve who was my therapist was so knowledgeable and addressed my pain in my knee. I felt better already when I left. I highly recommended this office to anyone.

Lisa B, Litchfield, NH

I have to say I was so impressed with Family Physical Therapy at their Bedford office. I was referred to another PT office by my primary care doctor, but a friend told me about FPTS. My back pain had gotten so bad that I was unable to do many things that I love to do.

From the front staff to the therapist, I could not have been more pleased. After only a few weeks, my back is almost 100% better. I will no doubt refer my friends to them and if I ever need PT again, I will be back. Again, thank you so much for all your hard work.

Renee B., Manchester, NH

There just aren’t words to express Howard’s and my confidence in you and your ability to ‘make it better.’ When will we ever learn? We are of the old school and always seem to try to “fix it” ourselves. We wait until we can stand it no more before we come to you. And, always, you make it better. You seem to have an innate sense of what is wrong and, almost immediately, start the healing process.

I remember the first time I came to you, so incredibly crippled, I couldn’t climb stairs, get out of the car or even sit or stand for any length of time. I was at my wits end and was willing to do anything, even, God forbid, surgery. I came to you as a last resort and, miracle of miracles, within a couple of weeks, I could see a change for the better beginning to take place.

Because it took so long to get to where I was, it also took a while to heal. But, with the grace of God, and your wonderful ability, I was able to heal and get back to the life I was use to. I remember, toward the end of my therapy, we were going to Europe for a couple of weeks, and I was afraid to leave you. I was petrified that, without you, I would revert back to where I was before I came to you. You told me that I was going to be fine and that you were only a phone call away. You relieved my mind and I did go and I was fine – thanks to you.

We are slow learners, but we do learn. I now know to call you when I am in trouble. I don’t wait so long and consequently, I heal much faster.

You are a knowledgeable healer and you have become a dear friend.

Howard & Carol Viens, Bedford, NH

I was in pain daily for 13 years. I’d tried several different medications, and been to at least 6 different physical therapists. It wasn’t until I met Cathy Leer at Family Physical Therapy that I was able to gain control of my life again. When my doctor suggested I try therapy “one more time” I was definitely hesitant…but there was something different at this practice… I was actually feeling better…so I continued. Cathy taught me the importance of my core, and how other muscles I hadn’t considered contributed to my back pain. She was gentle and sympathetic when I needed it, and gave me a good dose of reality when I needed that too.

For the last 3 years I can happily say that I’m basically pain free. I can ride a bike, garden, and go to the gym. She also taught me to notice the warning signs of my back condition, and what to do to prevent a sudden onset or spasm.

Colleen Desmarais, Manchester, NH

Having been to several physical therapy establishments, Family Physical Therapy has clearly provided the best care. At Family Physical Therapy you are treated as an individual with private rooms for consultation and therapy sessions. Staff members are efficient and accommodating. There is no wait for therapeutic machines or exercise equipment as therapists deal with one patient at a time. Cathy Leer combines experience, understanding, and humor in a very professional manner which creates an atmosphere of confidence and motivation. Questions about your condition and treatment are answered in understandable terms. Family Physical Therapy is outstanding at treating people – not just injuries. I highly recommend Family Physical Therapy to anyone requiring physical therapy.

Julie Gamage, Bedford, NH