Ankle Mobility Screen

July 15, 2019

By James Goodwin, PTA, CSCS

Here is a quick self-test to measure your ankle mobility. Simply line up your feet, heel-to-toe, and bend the back knee as far as you can without your back heel lifting off the ground. Use the inner ankle bone of the non-stretching (front) leg as a landmark to measure your ankle mobility. If your back knee passes the front border of your ankle bone as seen in picture then you pass with good mobility. If it falls within the width of your ankle bone, use caution when performing dynamic activity like squatting and jumping, and if it does not pass the back border of your ankle bone as indicated with the red line in the picture, then it would be advantageous to focus on ankle mobility before high-level performance training. If you feel pain (which includes a stretch, pinch or pressure in the front of the ankle) then stop the test and give FPTS a call to further assess this pain. Pain changes our biomechanics and should be assessed accordingly!

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