Are You Tired of The Traditional PCP Office? 

July 16, 2020

Foreword, by Cathy J Leer, PT, MBA

In light of the recent changes in traditional healthcare, as well as the rise in unemployment as a result of the coronavirus, many individuals find themselves without health insurance or aren’t able to access healthcare as readily as they could previously. If you find yourself in this situation, Direct Primary Care (DPC) might be the answer to your healthcare needs. Tracey Botazzi, APRN is a well respected medical colleague and primary care practitioner, and in this piece, explains the basics of DPC and how you can obtain affordable and accessible healthcare.

Are You Tired of The Traditional PCP Office? 

Are you tired of paying high co-pays for a 15-minute visit and can’t have all your issues addressed or even see your PCP?

Have you heard of Direct Primary Care?

By Tracey Botazzi, APRN

Direct Primary Care also known at DPC is a patient centric subscription-based model. This model is similar to concierge medicine but on a much more affordable pay scale. People typically pay a monthly range of $25 — $75 based on their age. This rate stays the same whether you are seen every day of the month or not at all.

DPC does not bill insurance and because insurance is taken out of the equation it allows the provider to work for the patient and not the insurance company. However, if you do have insurance this can be used for prescriptions, basic imaging, and lab work. This is also a wonderful model for those that are unemployed, underemployed, no insurance or high deductibles, because it will give you access to top notch care without breaking the bank. 

This model allows for longer appointments, typically 30-60 minutes, sometimes longer if needed, tele-health and an occasional home visit at the discretion of the provider. DPC practices can typically manage a wide array of visits including acute and chronic issues, yearly physical exams, female exams, well child checks and simple dermatologic procedures to name just a few.

If this is something that sounds of interest to you and are wanting to work with a provider that looks at treating the whole person please check out my site, Holistic Wellness.

Stay safe and stay well!


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