As The coronavirus fears continue

August 14, 2020

By Cathy Leer, PT, MBA

I am trying to keep a positive outlook on what the future may bring, but as the pandemic continues world wide, and the numbers of confirmed cases continue to fluctuate, or rise, I find myself getting worried, if not a bit ticked off. Worried because of the ongoing risks and the state of the economy, and ticked off because of the stupidity and ignorance exhibited on a daily basis. Not to mention the political back and forth with something that should not be political but rather for the well being of the entire world.

I may be showing my ignorance at this time, but for the life of me I can’t understand the mentality and reasoning of the no-maskers and the covid partiers, especially given the overwhelming scientific evidence that supports social distancing and the use of masks. I do understand the political fighting that is going on, but I don’t understand how any of the politicians can sleep at night knowing that lives are at stake, and not just from the coronavirus.

Despite my worries and angst, I am committed to doing my part, and that includes making sure that all of us at FPTS maintain safe practices and safety measures. Rest assured that these will continue until this is no longer a threat. We understand that many of you have been putting your other healthcare needs on the back burner, including rehabbing an injury or post surgical procedure. We want you to recover without fear. FPTS is here to help by offering treatment wherever you feel the safest. Remote and in-office appointments are available. Just give us a call and know that you are  in good hands. FPTS is NH’s #1 choice for quality physical therapy care. 603.644.8334

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