Julian Edelman’s ACL Injury

Julian Edelman catches the ball from Tom Brady. He’s at the 25, the 20 and just as he’s about to reach the 15-yard line he tries to make a cut to the inside of the defender and falls into a heap gripping his right knee. When looking back at the play, even though a defender… Read More »

Happy Spring

It’s April and I’m really excited about spring and summer. Warmer temps, longer days, and more sunshine. What’s not to like about that?! These past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to witness Mother Nature play her wonderful tricks on us while looking out my windows. Many of you may know that I am blessed… Read More »

Managing Injury Risks

As with all businesses, your company is at risk when workers are injured. Injuries cause all sorts of problems from absences to staff shortages, loss of customers to significant business stress. As a manager in your company, you have the opportunity to manage injury risk if you have the right tools. The solution consists of… Read More »

Avoid Hamstring / Achilles Injury Cycle

After a long, cold, snowy winter (is it actually over yet?), it’ll be nice to get back to some outside cycling. Whether you are a mountain biker or a road cyclist, because of the nature of cycling, it is important that you use your hamstrings and calf muscles to help get strong pedal strokes, but… Read More »

Bursa Your Bubble

Pain on the outside of the hip can be a frustrating condition for both patients and physical therapists. Frustrating for patients because almost any weight-bearing activity can be painful and limiting. Frustrating for physical therapists because it can be difficult to determine where the pain is coming from and recovery time may be lengthy. The… Read More »