Clinton’s Quadriceps Rupture

While former President Clinton was in office, he slipped down a flight of stairs and suffered a complete tear (rupture) of his quadriceps tendon that required surgery.

The quadriceps femoris is a large muscle group in the front of the … Read more »

Inflammation from our foods?

Yes that is right! We have control inflammation by the foods we eat!

Since the 70’s when the government started the “Green Revolution” to end world hunger, we have seen an increase in inflammation… inflammation such as arthritis, heart disease, … Read more »

Supplementing PT For Osteoarthritis

Natural aging comes with decreased cartilage in the joints, even without factoring in the effects of body weight, activity level, joint injuries, surgeries, etc. While some get their joints replaced and scientists are working hard to regenerate cartilage or otherwise … Read more »

When A Bush Falls

In July 2015, former President George H.W. Bush fell in his Kennebunkport home and fractured the C2 bone (or Axis bone) in his neck. He suffered no neurological damage and, though details of the injury were never released, we know … Read more »