Based upon your area of interest or desired athletic endeavor in combination with your specific functional movement and capacity, the staff at FPTS can develop exercise and training programs individualized to your needs. Utilizing the Functional Movement Systems program our FMS and FCS certified practitioners can determine your particular functional movement patterns and fundamental capacity in the areas of power, energy, posture, and balance. Programs can then be developed to play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses to prevent injury by promoting a healthy movement style.

The individual can participate in the screening process alone, or opt for a full screen and exercise program development. It’s your choice!


  • Functional Screening – The first step in correcting something is understanding it. Would you like to identify inefficiencies and errors with your movement and learn how to correct them? These screens and assessments can help.
    • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
      • Are you an athlete who’s less agile than your competitors? A senior who is worried about falling or unable to play with your grand-kids? Are you someone in between who is sick and tired of getting injured or not being able to participate in your usual activities? The FMS assesses your ability to perform key “functional movements” such as squatting and lunging, identifying weaknesses and dyscoordination in your arms, legs, and core that limit your performance or affect your quality of life. Used by professional athletes and world renowned sports organizations including the NFL and top European soccer clubs (e.g., Liverpool FC), the FMS helps maximize how you perform – whether in sport or life.
    • Y Balance Test (YBT)
      • This test measures your dynamic balance in three-dimensional movement, and your ability to coordinate movement between your lower and upper body.  The YBT is meant for competitive athletes or fit adults looking to safely return to sport or shore up weaknesses for peak performance.
    • Running Gait Assessment – Do you wonder why your shins hurt while running or back feels sore after a 5K run? Poor running habits can lead to wear and tear on the body and a proper assessment can highlight these imbalances and reduce the risk of injury. Take this assessment to identify flaws in your form and learn how to correct imbalances that will reduce the risk of injury.

Screens and assessments are by appointment only with the cost as follows:


Are you a runner who has recovered from an injury and wants to safely return to running? Run lighter and better – improving your tolerance while learning how to decrease the stress on your body so you don’t get injured again.

*4 – 30 minute sessions which includes Running Gait Assessment and correctives on initial visit.


A number of classes are in the development stage, or if preferred, we can develop a program upon request. We can even offer classes at your location. Just give us a call or contact us using the form below.

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