Family Is The Greatest Gift of All

December 10, 2018

By Cathy Leer, PT, MBA

Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, of a different race, or hold any other religious belief, the holiday season can come in many shapes and forms. Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Bodhi Day, Advent, Immaculate Conception, St. Lucia Day, Christmas, New Years. Regardless of your background, these are times of celebration, times of reflection. They are times to express gratitude and acknowledge events and people that have made an impact in our lives.

It’s hard to ignore the man who has impacted so many lives and is on the minds of most people today. George H.W. Bush was a great man, a great president, loved by so many people. Whereas the accolades continue to pour in for the beloved president, his impact on our nation raises an even greater awareness that extends beyond the contribution of any single man or woman. It is thankfulness for the many volunteers, the worker bees, the people behind the scenes, the ones that get things done, quietly, efficiently, and effectively. The many people out there that give of themselves shamelessly and selflessly through a kind gesture, an opened door, a smile or hug to someone in need. These are the people that we should be reflecting on and thanking. These are the “thousand points of light” that 41 so eloquently spoke about and believed in.

As I write this, I am imagining the many “thousand points of light” in my life, and I can imagine that you are doing the same. One of the brightest lights in my life continues to shine bright during this Christmas season. For my mother would have been 99 years young on December 3rd. A day that I never forget because of the woman that influenced every fiber of my being. I am grateful for her. For her courage. For her love of life and love of family. I am grateful for the examples that she set and for giving me the support and encouragement to succeed in whatever I set my mind to. I am grateful for the values that she instilled in me by sheer example and providing me the blueprint for what has become my guiding light for who we are at FPTS, and how we care for the many people that pass through our doors. Our core beliefs and values that grew out of her light transcend throughout our practice, and I am grateful for our team that has embraced those values and practice them every day. From beginning to end.

“Family” Physical Therapy is based on the traditions of family and is rooted by the bonds that penetrate so deeply to provide the strength and support that is needed to meet the challenges of the day. Family isn’t determined by blood, ancestry, or DNA alone. A family is an entity that support each other through good and bad, ups or downs and through challenging times. Our family at FPTS is you. It’s your family, friends, or support structure. It’s us, the team that greets you on the phone or at the door, or the team that provides your care. Together we make Family Physical Therapy Services what it is.

So, with the spirit of Christmas in my heart and the thousand points of light guiding the way, I want to leave you with this thought.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” ~ Burton Hills

Merry Christmas and may your lives be filled with family, love, laughter and good health in 2019 and for all the years to come. God bless you and your entire extended family this holiday season!


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