Functional Movement Screen Mobility Test

March 13, 2020

Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR)

by James Goodwin, PTA, CSCS

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR) is by far the most important pattern in the Functional Movement Screen. It not only measures your tissue flexibility of the hamstrings but also hip mobility and core control. It is the first pattern we go to in our corrective strategy algorithm!

Try this yourself. Have a family member place a stick at mid-thigh and see how far you can lift your leg while keeping your opposite leg straight and on the ground. If your moving leg passes the stick, then you are good to go. If your moving leg falls between the stick and your non-moving leg’s kneecap, you’re okay but could benefit from some correctives. If your moving leg does not pass your opposite kneecap, avoid loading movement patterns that involve hip hinging (i.e., deadlifts), and instead work on improving this movement pattern.

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