July 16, 2020

By Cathy Leer, PT, MBA

Can you believe that we are more than halfway through 2020?! It seems like yesterday we were in the midst of the holidays and ringing in the new year and hoping for the best year yet. Now we find ourselves having just celebrated Independence Day and hoping that 2020 and all of the trials and tribulation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic will be quickly over. As I ponder the last 4 months, and look towards the future, I must admit, that I found myself smiling and chuckling…just a little bit. Not because I don’t take the coronavirus seriously, but because it brings back memories of my mother and one of her favorite words (other than “merda”, of course), hermeneutics.

Every day I read about the rising numbers in confirmed cases and deaths, as well as the research that is being carried out all over the world in hopes of understanding the coronavirus and how we can stop the spread and protect people from contracting it in the future. Treatment and prevention must be identified for us to recover fully-physically, emotionally, psychologically, and economically. So why in heaven’s name am I thinking about my wonderful mother, and where does hermeneutics fit in?

For all of you who don’t know, hermeneutics is the study of the methodological principals of interpretation. Simply stated, it is the discipline that helps us understand what the research means!

I hope and pray that the world can come together and that by pooling our resources, research, and talent, we can begin to understand, and that we can finally get on the right track to heal and protect the world for many years to come.

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