Finally, a Solution that Provides Access and Answers

We are in the midst of a major health care crisis with many barriers to accessing the care that we need. Deductibles have skyrocketed. Co-pays and co-insurance are at record highs. Insurance plans have more restrictions and limitations on providers, and their network of providers gets smaller and smaller.

To make matters worse, the economic climate over the past several years has resulted in high unemployment or underemployment. This contributes to financial burdens and more pressure at home and work. Unfortunately, healthcare often takes a back seat.

That’s why we are expanding our remote services to provide easier access to healthcare while continuing our mission to put CARE back into HealthCARE!

Connect via Telemedicine

Telemedicine offers a simpler way to reach the provider. It connects patients to health practitioners via the Internet – our computer directly to yours. Telemedicine gives people affordable, accessible, and effective options for care. It helps provide answers to questions without having to go to a facility. As long as there is an Internet connection, people can remotely access a professional physical therapist regardless of where they might be.

As a patient, you can maintain your independence. You can see a PT without leaving home or becoming a burden to others. How great is that?!

As a caregiver, telemedicine provides your loved one access to care from home. You don’t have to worry about how to find the time to bring a loved one to another appointment!

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The Sciatica Solution

We continue to offer the service that started Hero Healers: The Virtual Sciatica Solution.

Developed to offer an at-home means of identifying whether the source of your back and leg pain is the most common cause of sciatica, a herniated disc, our Sciatica Solution remains a vital part of our telemedicine and telerehabilitation division. The same at-home tests and questionnaire are a reliable means of diagnosing the source of your back and leg pain, and offers you options on starting treatment immediately. The result being less complications and secondary problems, faster recovery, and a faster return to doing the things you love to do with the people you love to do them with.

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We’re also starting a program that provides access to physical therapy professionals to get answers about injuries. A child or parent might have fallen and hurt their knee, or shoulder – what should they do? My foot hurts every morning when I try to walk. What could it be? I can’t sit for very long before my back and leg start hurting – is this something to worry about?

The possible questions are endless. But the information we provide can contribute to less worry and peace of mind and a sense of success instead of failure. You will then know that you have a direction to go in and that you’ve have done everything in your power to make the right decision. It can also take away the burdens of dealing with yet another thing, or asking for help again.

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Support Our Vets

Because we are proud of what our country stands for and all those who have given their lives or their health for our freedoms, we have developed a special program for our veterans that maximizes their access to care.

This program offers FREE Ask-A-PT services, prioritized scheduling for PT services and discounted self-pay services. Physical therapy treatment can be provided with telemedicine or onsite at the Family Physical Therapy Services facility. Since we are Tri-Care and Medicare providers, you won’t have to travel long distances to find someone who accepts your insurance.