Red Flags

HERO HEALERS is Not for You if you have these symptoms. Please seek immediate medical attention.

  • Loss of bowel and bladder function, including incontinence or urinary retention
  • Feeling of numbness in genital/anal region
  • History of trauma (such as a car accident, unless a fracture has been ruled out)
  • Unexplained night sweats or lost weight; fever, chills
  • Recent bacterial infection
  • Already trying physical therapy 1 month and hasn’t improved
  • Pain that remains when lying on your back, aching night-time pain that disturbs sleep, and mid-back pain (may also suggest aortic aneurysm)
  • Severe or progressive leg weakness (feeling of leg giving out, foot slapping on the floor, etc.)
  • Sudden onset of severe central lower back pain

Yellow Flags

Symptoms or known conditions (HERO HEALERS may be appropriate, but complicating symptoms or conditions present that may ultimately warrant evaluation by a medical provider). If you have any of of these conditions AND any of the above symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention.

  • Long term steroid use
  • Recent bacterial infection
  • IV drug abuse
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Recent Surgery (6 months)
  • AIDS
  • Malnutrition
  • Cancer
  • Immune suppression