What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology like internet, wireless, satellite, and telephone to provide diagnosis and treatment services from a remote location. In the area of physical therapy, it is often times referred to as Telerehabilitation, Telerehab, or even Teletherapy. For a full list of benefits, go to our Telemedicine page.

How do I know if I qualify to receive telemedicine / telerehabilitation benefits?

The current laws for telemedicine requires that your physical therapist be licensed in the state that you live in. Currently our therapists are licensed in NH and MA, so if you happen to live in either of these states, Family Physical Therapy and our Hero Healers division can provide services for you. More information can be found at The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy website.

What do I need to connect to your telemedicine services?

You can access our network and make an appointment through any electronic device that has access to a high-speed Internet connection including a laptop or desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. And because we value your privacy and the security of your information, our televideo service is provided through Chironhealth, one of the top-rated companies providing convenient, safe and secure communications in the telemedicine industry. You’ll have to download their app and register, but they do the rest. They even have a super duty chat function when you run into problems or if you have questions…and it’s fast! Your time is valuable, so we’ve contracted with the best to make sure that you have a productive and timely experience.

How secure is your network? Will people be able to access my medical records or personal information?

HIPAA and HITECH (confidentiality and security) compliance is our top priortity. That’s why we use Chironhealth, an agency that is a top rated telemedicine company. Any documentation or PHI is delivered through encrypted email via HPE SecureMail and we are currently using Nextiva for our voice. Again, both are safe and secure methods of communicating with your physical therapy professionals.

Will my private healthcare insurance plan cover telemedicine?

Recently passed telemedicine parity laws require that private insurers cover telemedicine the same as they would cover in-person services, which means that your physical therapy visit would be handled and billed in the same manner as if you were to attend the visit in a traditional physical therapy facility. The benefit to you is that not only do you NOT have to worry about insurance billing (we do that for you), but you don’t have to leave home or your office. No more lost time out of your day or no more added costs of travel on top of it all.

In the event that you do not have health insurance or have catastrophic plans that carry huge deductibles, there are affordable self pay services that will require using your credit card or a Health Savings Account (HSA) card.

Can I make an appointment for any time on any day?

We guarantee that you will be able to get an appointment within 24-48 hours, or in some cases sooner, except Sundays and holidays. We will make every effort to schedule a day and time that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.

What is an online physical therapy session like?

As with most situations, there is nothing like a face to face and in-person experience, but when life gets in the way, and that is not possible, an online session is the next best thing, and in many instances just like an office visit, only better, in that it’s at a time and place of your choosing.

If it’s an initial visit or contact, a history will be taken including how and when the injury occurred or when you first experienced symptoms, as well as factors that may have contributed to your current condition. Your specialist will then have you perform movements or activities that will help assess the degree of injury and involvement to determine the extent of your injury, the diagnosis, and the best course of action. This may include the need for further medical work-up or continued remote telerehabilitation treatment with specific exercises and activities. Routine follow up visits will help keep you on track, make sure that you are performing everything correctly and safely, allow you to interact with your therapist when you have questions and concerns, and allows your therapist to make changes to your plan of care as deemed necessary.

Can I see a physical therapist online if I am traveling or in another state?


Can I see a physical therapist if I am traveling outside of the United States?


How much does your service cost?

Creating an online telemedicine account is free. Dependent upon whether you are opting for self-pay program or would like to go through your health insurance, the cost varies. We also realize that needs vary from person to person, so we have developed a few options that you can choose from that will best fit your individual time and financial requirement. If you would like to see our current self-pay rates, please go to our membership page.

What ages do you treat?

Just as in our brick and mortar clinics, we see patients of all ages, but do require parental permission and attendance for those under the age of 18.

Do I need a referral, and will my primary care provider be notified about my online therapy visit?

A referral is not necessary to receive physical therapy in NH or MA. If you would like your PCP to be notified and receive updates, summaries, or notes on your visits, we would be happy to provide them. It is your choice.

Other questions? Don’t worry…

Send us and email at: info.herohealers@familyptservices.com or call 1.603.644.8334 and ask for a Hero Healer specialist. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.