Hiking Season Is In Full Bloom

October 15, 2020

By James Goodwin, PTA, CSCS

Hiking season is in full bloom! If you have tight ankles this can be very limiting especially when you want to complete those 4,000 footers or just go for a leisurely stroll on your favorite trail. Here is a simple and great way to increase ankle flexibility to improve your overall experience going up/down those steep hills. This can also be a great warm-up drill before activity such as walking or hiking. Don’t let ankle stiffness stand in your way and enjoy these beautiful Fall days!

Movement Prep 1: Ankle Mobility

*Perform 10x each ankle with a 3 sec hold at end range



*Position foot few inches away from the wall with foot straight.







*Keeping foot flat on the ground, try and reach the wall with your knee, preventing your heel from lifting up. Be sure your knee is aligned down the middle of the foot, do not let your knee cave inward. Again, if your heel lifts off the ground, move closer to the wall. You should feel a stretch in the lower calf.






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