Introducing Therapeutic Work Solutions

July 7, 2015

TWS-LOGO reducedIntroducing THERAPEUTIC WORK SOLUTIONS A Division of Family Physical Therapy Services, Inc.

This month I am veering off course slightly to introduce our new Industrial Rehabilitation Service division: THERAPEUTIC WORK SOLUTIONS (TWS). It’s taken a year of hard work and perseverance to put all the pieces together, but we finally have a new name, a new website, a great leader, and a great foundation of services to offer the community

Steve Lisowe, MSPTLed by Steve Lisowe, MS PT, this division will provide services to patients, businesses, attorneys, physicians, and insurance companies in the areas of: Job Function Descriptions, Job Function Testing, Ergonomic Assessments, Onsite Injury Prevention Screening, Functional Capacity Assessments, Work Conditioning, Job Site Assessments and Injury Prevention Education, as well as patient treatment.

So what does this mean for you, our patients? It means that we are a full service provider if you have been hurt on the job or an injury is affecting your ability to return to work. If you or someone you know have been hurt on the job, we can help you. Unless your Worker’s Comp Insurance carrier prevents you from seeing us, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE your provider. Additionally, if you have an ache or pain that is affecting your ability to carry out your work related activities, Steve can make suggestions on how to improve upon that to prevent the issue from becoming something that is life changing or requires treatment or medical intervention. He has the ability to advise you both off and onsite at your work if we can gain permission from your employer to do so.

Our vision is simple: help workers get back to work following injuries as quickly as possible, and help our client companies avoid injuries in the first place.

TWS has two primary clients, workers and employers. Unlike stereotypical medical providers who make more money when there are more injuries to treat, we work to balance the benefits for both the worker AND the employer. Our business model is to LOWER WORKERS COMPENSATION COSTS by using efficient and effective therapy methods that prevent injuries, as well as maximize recovery from injury and return to work.

TWS utilizes and is a licensed partner with DSI Work Solutions, Inc. products which are trademarked and proven to provide significant return on investment.  Based upon 20 years of experience and research around the world, DSI is considered the “Gold Standard” because it involves the employer and the healthcare provider in a partnership approach.

As is customary at FPTS, Steve and his team spend a full 45 minutes to an hour one-on-one with you to maximize the effectiveness of treatment, helping you return to work sooner and get back to better living. In doing so, your employer will benefit as well from savings on medical and administrative costs, health and workers comp insurance and retraining or restaffing. That means YOU will be the hero at work and at home!

Visit us on the web at: or call 603.644.8334