Is your child in danger of overuse injuries?

August 13, 2019

Young Athletes: The Dangers of Overuse Injuries

By James Goodwin, PTA, CSCS

More and more, young athletes are participating in competitive sports year-round. For this reason, the number of sports-related injuries, particularly overuse injuries, is steadily growing each year. We are seeing less sprained ankles, broken bones, etc and more injuries related to repetitive stress such as tendinitis of the knee or elbow. Another alarming fact is that emphasis has been put on increasing weekend tournaments and showcases for young athletes which puts large demands on a growing body with little time to rest and recover. So what do we do about this? Proper rest (at least one rest day per week), sleep, nutrition, hydration are all important factors to consider. However, by far the most important factor to reducing the risk of overuse injuries is having your son participate in a program that focuses on injury prevention strategies including strength training, regeneration (soft tissue recovery), and maintaining proper flexibility. Here at FPTS, we offer a group and individual programs for young athletes that help them recover quicker, feel better, and improve their performance.


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