Managing Injury Risks

March 29, 2018

As with all businesses, your company is at risk when workers are injured. Injuries cause all sorts of problems from absences to staff shortages, loss of customers to significant business stress.

As a manager in your company, you have the opportunity to manage injury risk if you have the right tools. The solution consists of taking advantage of prevention tools and options for accelerating return to work for workers when injuries occur.

Prevent through Education and Exercise

Prevention of injury starts with taking action before accident situations arise. Educate your staff so they are aware by providing:

  • Educational seminars & onsite training (such as business-specific ergonomics and body mechanics)
  • Injury screening onsite or remotely with telemedicine
  • Exercise classes tailored to the work environment

Accelerate Return to Work

When injuries do occur, having the key resources can make a tremendous difference in work absences. Reduce the time in getting workers back in action by using proven techniques:

  • Conduct employee assessments onsite or online
  • Evaluate injuries onsite or via telemedicine
  • Take advantage of Priority Scheduling for treatment

Communicate from Anywhere with the Telemedicine Advantage

No mater what your staff is doing in the injury prevention or treatment process – from education through treatment – the key to success is following through with the program in a timely fashion for the best outcomes. Telemedicine makes it possible to work with your provider from anywhere, whether at work, at home, or at the medical facility.

Work with an Experienced Injury Management Advisor

Your success in managing employee injuries and the associated risks to your business depends on working with an advisor that has the experience and resources to share best practices, training and treatment as required to ensure your business continuity. With over 25 years of experience, Family Physical Therapy Services is recognized as a leader in ways to avoid workplace injuries and treat injuries when they occur for the best physical outcomes for the worker and financial results for the company.

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