Newsflash! Health Insurance Premiums to Skyrocket!

October 16, 2017

NH Rates Are Out Of Control

Health Insurance open enrollment is right around the corner. With the health insurance premiums on the individual market expected to go up 52% for 2018, can you afford it? There’s certainly a lot to consider. Are you healthy? Are you prone to injuries? How old are you? Are you anticipating other expenses? What will I do IF something happens? How will I pay for it? What are the penalties?

Insurance v No Insurance…That’s The Question

These are but a few questions that are probably going through your mind right now, and I can tell you, you are not alone. In fact, I’m thinking about my options, and I’ve heard about others that are as well. I’m even considering the costs of NOT having insurance considering the average monthly cost of $400 for single coverage (mine is a lot higher because of my age) versus paying the penalty. Here’s a great article on the penalties if you want to check it out.

FPTS Adds Value

Either way, I want our patients and their families to know that Family Physical Therapy Services, Inc. will do everything in our power to provide value for our services. We understand that there are many physical therapy provider choices out there and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones. That’s why we will continue to provide 30-60 minute one-on-one personalized care; private treatment areas; experienced staff; prompt scheduling, and lots of extras! FREE health & wellness educational seminars, exercise classes, and FREE Injury Screenings.

Remote Access and Answers

New programs and offerings to address the rising costs of healthcare include: Hero Healers: Every Body Needs A Hero; Telemedicine opportunities for treatment when and where you want it; Ask-A-P.T.: Your Physical Therapist Has The Answers, when you don’t know what to do or where to turn.

So, when you or a loved one are in pain and know that you need physical therapy, and will be responsible for the lion’s share of the costs, wouldn’t you rather go someplace that provides the best value and outcomes for your hard earned dollar? If you’d like to know more, then give us a call! We are here to serve. 603.644.8334


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