Pre & Postnatal Tip Of The Month

December 11, 2019

By Effie Koustas, MSPT

With the upcoming holiday season, come all the holiday parties. This time will be a little different for you, as you are now pregnant. Don’t fret, you can still enjoy and mingle with your friends and family while keeping a few tips in mind. Have your meal before going so that you don’t find yourself missing out on foods you can’t have, such as soft cheeses, deli meats and alcoholic beverages. While there, enjoy sparkling beverages and the fruit, veggie and cracker platters. Well-cooked meats and healthy options such as hummus or guacamole are always a safe bet.  Of course there is always dessert which is the best part! However, over indulging can wreak havoc on your heartburn. Remember to keep everything in moderation.


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