Pregnancy Rolling Along? I Hope So!

August 15, 2019

By Effie Koustas, MPT

Do you suffer from low back pain while pregnant? The best way to get in and out of bed is to log roll. This is also crucial postpartum and advised after a C-section as well. Proper body mechanics in pregnancy and/or post-partum can significantly decrease low back pain.

Check out this video or follow these directions!

Rolling in Bed (like a Log) – The goal of log rolling is to keep your spine straight and avoid twisting your back. Begin by laying on your back and bend both knees up. When turning to your left, push down through the right foot and reach across your body with your right arm until you roll onto your side. Reverse the process when turning to your right. Make sure you keep your abdominal muscles tight so that you roll as one unit like a log. To do this, pull your belly button in and hold.

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