Proactive v Reactive

September 13, 2018

Proactive vs. Reactive

By James Goodwin, PTA, CSCS

Are you ready for preseason sports? If you are a young athlete or a parent who wants their child to succeed during preseason, then listen up closely. A common misconception most young athletes and parents have regarding preseason is that it will get you “in shape” for the season. Waiting till then is TOO LATE. The best recipe for injury prevention is preparedness and building a solid foundation before facing the rigors of preseason tryouts. The majority of injuries early on in the season are a result of lack of preparation during the off-season and little maintenance during the season. Our athletic performance program here at Family Physical Therapy Services in Bedford, NH provides the correct dosage of strength, agility, core stability, regeneration and conditioning needed to help prevent injuries the first week or more importantly as the season progresses.

Our program focuses on improving movement mechanics as well as equipping each athlete with the tools to maintain proper mobility and strength. Our athletes spend one hour per week working on various regenerative techniques such as self-administered myofascial release to decrease tissue restrictions, dynamic movement prep exercises, core stability and proper flexibility training. Leaving each session, you will feel lighter, looser, and refreshed – gaining an edge on your opponent for the next game or simply priming the body for that intense week of tryouts. Here are two common exercises (in addition to the one in Tom’s article) we implement in our program and should be staples in any performance program for young athletes:


Single Leg Glute Bridge                               Lateral Band Walks

Perform 3 x 10 each leg                               Perform 20 steps each direction

*2 second pause at the top                         *maintain good tension on band

My background in physical therapy coupled with my experience as a strength and conditioning specialist and professional soccer player allows me to design an evidence-based program geared toward both improving performance and ultimately reducing the risk of sport-related injuries. Bridging the gap between rehab and performance is my passion and educating young athletes to be proactive versus reactive is my focus.

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