RAMP into your season

April 20, 2019

RAMP into your season

Here at FPTS we follow 3 simple steps to preparing young athletes for sport. RAMP is a commonly used acronym in the performance world meaning Range of Motion (ROM), Activation, and Movement Prep. James Goodwin, PTA and Director of Athletic Performance uses this system to prep young athletes for exercise, practice and competition. It is a proven system that not only primes the athlete’s body for dynamic movement but helps reduce the risk of injury. Below you will see the three simple steps involved in RAMP:


  • Soft Tissue Release (foam rolling)
  • Gentle Stretching
    • Performed to end range of tissue/joint and held for only 2-3 seconds
    • Focus is NOT to gain flexibility but to maintain it during the season


  • Prime the stabilizers for activity
    • Ex: Rotator Cuff and Scapula for overhead athletes (Baseball/Softball)

Movement Prep:

  • Dynamic stretching for both sport-specific and total body muscle-readiness

These three simple steps should only take 10-15 minutes for a complete dynamic warm-up that will prepare the young athlete as well as decrease chances of injury. James Goodwin and FPTS use RAMP in their Athletic Performance Program as well as educate Lurgio athletes and coaches how to implement this system into their warm-ups.

If your young athlete is passionate about their sporting activities, and wants to “PERFORM LIKE A PRO”, check out our

Athletic Performance Program or call: 644.8334 – ask for James


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