Therapeutic Work Solutions (TWS) is the industrial rehabilitation division of Family Physical Therapy Services, Inc. TWS provides local and regional workplace solutions for large and small businesses using licensed techniques and trademarked functional testing programs for work injury prevention & management .as well as educational programs, injury screenings, and treatment of injuries for accelerated and safe return to work.

Regardless of size, companies from the very small to the very large have much to gain if they are experiencing declines in productivity and efficiency or experiencing injuries in the workplace. That’s why TWS works with businesses of all sizes to ease the burden of work injuries by simplifying modified duty and return to work processes, and by preventing injuries altogether.

Unlike stereotypical medical providers who make more money when there are more injuries to treat, we work to balance the benefits for both the worker and the employer. We lower worker’s compensation costs by using efficient and effective therapy methods that prevent injuries, as well as maximize recovery from injury and return to work. Not only are you are able to recoup the costs associated with our services, but you actually make money in the process. In fact, the usual costs of one injury and a delay in return to work far exceeds the entire cost of implementing a complete Job Function Match program from development of the job description and job test to implementation of the system itself.

We partner with and utilize DSI Work Solutions, Inc. products which are trademarked and proven to provide significant return on investment and are utilized by Fortune 1000 companies’ worldwide. By implementing these proven programs in your company, you reap the rewards of monetary savings while providing your workers with a safe work environment. Their health and well being is maintained and you have a reputation of caring about your workers and providing them and their families a sense of value and security. Can you imagine how you will feel after implementing such a program?

Services offered include:

  • Functional capacity assessment
  • Work conditioning
  • Job function testing
  • Job function descriptions
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Injury prevention screening & education

Primary benefits to our clients include:

  • Decreased costs of workers compensation insurance premiums
  • Decreased medical costs of injuries
  • Enhanced hiring process
  • Improved productivity
  • Injury prevention
  • Faster return to work following an injury
  • Reduction in restricted duty occurrences
  • Reduction in lost time days

Secondary benefits to our clients include:

  • Decreased turnover rate
  • Decreased staffing shortfalls
  • Decreased overtime
  • Improved worker and job satisfaction
  • Improved supervisor and employee morale
  • Decreased litigation costs

Our vision is simple: help workers get back to their work and home life as quickly as possible, and help our client companies avoid injuries in the first place by matching job requirements to worker capabilities: a perfect match for improving workplace culture and your bottom line.

Steve Lisowe, MSPT was the Director of our Industrial Rehabilitation division. Steve is a 2001 graduate of Marquette University (WI) with a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy.

Once a valued full time employee, Steve now provides services for us on a part time basis. He specializes in the treatment and prevention of work related injuries and is a licensed provider of DSI Work Solutions, the “Gold Standard” in Industrial Rehabilitation protocols. Steve provides Functional Capacity assessments, work conditioning programs, and ergonomic and job assessment services to help both injured workers and employers manage work related injuries.

Steve also has advanced training in treating movement impairment syndromes and spine disorders with special interests in manual therapy techniques and Kinesiotaping. Steve is also a certified provider of the Graston technique, and is certified in Applied Function Science which allows him to evaluate movement in new ways and creates a framework for a more scientific approach to exercise progression. He continues to add to his array of skills to provide effective outcomes for all of his patients, both work related as well as general practice.

Steve lives in Southern NH with his wife and two children. Steve enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, and spending time with family. He regularly travels home to Wisconsin to visit with family and friends

Steve is licensed to practice Physical Therapy in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

For additional information and program offerings visit our Benefits for Business page.