Family Physical Therapy Services, Inc. can help you relieve pregnancy-related aches & pains.

Effie Koustas, MPT,, Prenatal - Postnatal Specialist, Bedford, NH Effie Koustas, MPT, not only has advanced training in obstetrics for physical therapy, pregnancy & postpartum fundamentals, APPI Pilates Methods, and advanced exercise prescription for a healthy pregnancy, but she is a wife and working mother of three beautiful children. She knows first-hand what some of the most common challenges are facing mothers and mothers-to-be. She knows what it is like to struggle and have pain while rolling over in bed. Or have a fear that your legs aren’t going to support you. And what about the pain and difficulty of carrying a laundry basket or your new born baby or getting up off of the floor? Not to mention how the simple joy of pushing a baby carriage, playing in the park, or rocking your baby suddenly becomes your most dreaded activity because of the pain.

If some of these problems seem familiar, you are not alone. The good news is that with Effie’s education, advanced training, and experience, she is the local EXPERT in relieving pregnancy related aches and pains and restoring your ability to feel the love and joy that pregnancy and motherhood should bring.

At Family Physical Therapy Services we believe that you deserve that happiness. The wonderful feeling of being or becoming a mom. Don’t settle for pain or anything that takes that joy and excitement away. There are numerous ways that Pre & Postnatal services can help.

Services include:

  • Joint & soft tissue mobilization
  • Education on body mechanics & postural awareness
  • Recommendations on activity level during and after pregnancy
  • APPI Pilates Method for rehabilitation to maintain pelvic alignment
  • Specific treatment for pre/postnatal pain affecting your body

What People Are Saying About Effie:

“I started having low back pain at the beginning of my second pregnancy. At first I hoped it would go away and that it was just a symptom during my first trimester. However, as my pregnancy progressed, it became more difficult to do everyday tasks as a stay-at-home mom chasing a toddler around. It was painful to pick up my son, carry laundry baskets, stand at the sink to do dishes, and even lying in bed was something I didn’t look forward to. I always felt so bad that I couldn’t pick up my son or couldn’t sit with him on the floor because of my pain. After a few weeks of Physical Therapy, I started to notice a difference in my pain level every day. Using proper body mechanics and the stretches to help with my specific issue, I was able to go to bed without feeling my low back pain. I also learned how to modify my daily activities to prevent the pain from getting worse. By the end of my pregnancy I had very little pain and was able to focus on the upcoming labor and the delivery of our new baby boy. I’m so thankful for the help I received from Effie and the rest of the staff at Family Physical Therapy Services. I’m now able to perform everyday tasks without any pain and am able to snuggle both of my boys without any issues.”


“Effie helped empower me to learn exercises to relieve the serious pain I had in my sacroiliac joint and piriformis muscle so I could better enjoy my pregnancy. Effie’s delicate approach, professionalism, and wonderful attitude brought me so much relief and comfort. They were the only medical appointments I actually looked forward to.”


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