So you think you have a strong core…

June 11, 2020

By James Goodwin, PTA, CSCS

…well then, try this test out to see how strong you actually are!

The Trunk Stability Push-Up is a core stability test within the Functional Movement Screen. It basically measures how well your core stabilizes and prevents excessive back extension and rotation, which can lead to injury especially while trying to Adam Sandler the golf ball 600 yards. Set-up by laying flat on your stomach with you hands shoulder-width apart with your thumbs in line with your (forehead for men, chin for women). With your knee extended off the ground and elbows lifting slightly off the ground, maintain a rigid torso and lift your body as one unit off the ground as seen in the picture. Pay close attention to how much you extend your back or rotate your hips while pushing up (remember you want to limit these compensations for a good score). Believe me, it is A LOT harder than it looks. If you have had a previous shoulder injury and currently having any pain do NOT perform unless you have been cleared by a medical professional. Good luck!

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