Stay In The Game With James

March 13, 2019

Want to quickly screen your shoulder mobility? Follow these simple instructions: Take a measure of your dominate hand from crease of the wrist to the tip of the farthest finger…this is your hand length used below. Standing tall with feet together, make a fist with your thumbs tucked under your fingers and reach one arm overhead toward curve of neck while simultaneously reaching with opposite hand underneath toward curve of lower back and try and touch fists. Do not inch your hand up. Have someone measure the distance between the closest points and compare each side. Compare this to your hand length and score yourself accordingly to criteria below:

0 – Pain

1 – more than 1.5 hand lengths

2 – 1.5 hand length

3 – less than 1 hand length

*If there is pain, please schedule a FREE injury screen with FPTS to further assess the cause of this pain. If you scored a ‘1’, then you have poor shoulder mobility and should avoid overhead pressing. Also, take note of asymmetry where one side is better than the other…this is an imbalance and needs to be corrected before proceeding to overhead activity. Need to know how…contact FPTS to find out!

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