Stay In The Game!

January 17, 2020

Are you interested or worried about what happens after physical therapy? FPTS offers post-PT programs that range from performance training to balance training as well as functional movement screening for young athletes and adults.

Did you know the recurrence rate for injuries such as low back pain are as high as 80%! In addition, previous injury is the #1 risk factor for future injuries. Even though you may have fully recovered from your injury or pain, it is vital to not only maintain this range of motion and strength but to optimize and enhance your performance.

Whether your goal is to reduce the risk of future injury, play more with your grandchildren or just maintain your goals following PT, we have the programs for you!

Let FPTS help you continue to move better, feel better and ultimately stay in the game!

Beginning in January, our Helping Hands Honorees will receive a FREE Functional Screen or Assessment with James! All you have to do is help a friend or loved one by referring them to FPTS for their physical therapy needs and get entered to win!! All of us at FPTS want to help you improve the quality of your life by minimizing your risk of injury and helping you restore your participation in the things you love to do most.


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