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The “X’s and Y’s” of ACL Tears

The Dreaded Season Ending ACL Injury

With soccer season in full swing this fall, don’t be surprised if you hear the news highlight of athletes getting hurt, specifically tearing their anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. Although the ACL is the … Read more »

Functional Screenings for incoming 7th grade athletes at Ross Lurgio Jr. High

On Aug. 27th & 28th Tom Fontana, MSPT and Dan Baram, PTA, CSCS will be at Ross Lurgio Jr. High School performing functional screenings on incoming 7th graders who are participating in school athletics.

This event will … Read more »

are you ready for the Cigna/Elliot 5K?


This year’s 5K is right around the corner.  Are you ready? Do you even know?

Here are 3 simple tests that you can try on your own to see if there are areas that you need to … Read more »