The Struggle Is Real

September 15, 2020

By Effie Koustas, MSPT

No one understands this expression better than the working moms during back to school, now with Covid sprinkled in. The work life balance has always been a struggle, without adding in a worldwide pandemic. As for back to school, it was delayed a couple days. The Bedford schools started on August 27th, to be better prepared for the hybrid model. Our family made the decision to continue with remote learning, which was one of the alternatives. We have a fifth grader, a first grader and a three-year-old, that we reluctantly pulled from Pre-school.

I continue to work remotely from home, very part-time, trying to adhere to some sort of schedule. The desks have been set up, laptops borrowed from the schools and our lectures and communication are all virtual. The boys have Google classroom sessions throughout the school day, while I keep our daughter entertained in between helping them, no easy task.

With limited childcare options, the pressure is on. I have added to my resume camp counselor, schoolteacher/nurse and lunch lady, to name a few. Although we have been at this for 6 months now, it is still no easier. Like many of you, I sit back and think, “I can’t believe this is happening?” Then quickly snap out of it, as someone is looking for “Mommy”.

Whatever the decision you have made, as a parent, or has been made for you (e.g., remote school for all), it’s a balancing act that no one prepared you for. The solution is not a one size fits all. As we continue to navigate these uncharted waters, know that you made the best decision for you and your family, regardless of what is happening around you. What steps are you following for a smooth back to school transition? We want to hear from you! Send your questions/comments to our Family Physical Therapy Services Facebook page, or email me directly at


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