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Therapeutic Fitness Solutions

Have you rehabilitated from an injury and want to maintain the gains you made in therapy? Are you healthy and want to progress to a new level of fitness but don’t feel comfortable going to the gym? This one-on-one program provides you with individualized exercises that maximize your future health and conditioning, while recognizing your medical past.

Who Is It For?
It is for people who have recovered from their injuries during skilled PT and are looking to either maintain those gains or progress to greater levels of fitness and health.

Chart of Who Can Be Helped by In-Home Therapeutic Fitness Solutions from Family Physical Therapy Services of Bedford, NH

How Does It Work?

The advantage this program offers over typical personal training, is the level of education and expertise in the art and science of the human body that our clinical staff brings to the table. They work one-on-one with you to identify your fitness goals, ensure you are exercising in a safe and proper manner, perform reassessments of fitness metrics and modify/progress your program accordingly.

Because of the complexity and individuality of each participant, the initial session is at least 45 minutes, which includes a personal history and physical assessment to identify imbalances that will be addressed in your personalized “Therapeutic Fitness Solution”. Because of the time it takes to see and feel positive change, it is recommended that you participate in a minimum of 4 weekly sessions, although that is an option, and there is no set number or frequency of sessions you must take part in. In between supervised sessions, you can exercise at home, or at a gym of your choosing.

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