Therapeutic Fitness Solutions – Are you healthy without known injuries, or have recovered from an injury and want to maintain the gains already made or progress to a new level of fitness and health? These independent or supervised plans will provide you with prescriptive exercise that maximize your physical health and conditioning.

Therapeutic Fitness Solutions matches your fitness needs to your unique injury and medical history, with an emphasis on injury prevention. Solutions are determined between you and your Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant—the people who know your body best!

Who Is It For?
It is designed for people in college and beyond, who are interested in working with experts in the musculoskeletal system who are best qualified to provide prescriptive exercises to maximize physical health and conditioning. Designed for both the otherwise healthy individual without known injuries, as well as for those who have recovered from their injuries during skilled PT, and are looking to either maintain those gains or progress to greater levels of fitness and health.

How Does It Work?

There are two tiers to the program: an Independent Plan and a Supervised Plan. The Supervised Plan can be a PT Supervised Plan or PTA Supervised Plan.

Independent Plan

This plan is designed for clients who are happy with their workout at discharge from formal PT but want access to the facility so they can use the equipment/resources they are used to. This is ONLY available on a case-by-case basis per therapist recommendation.

Supervised Plan

This plan allows you to take advantage of the expertise of our clinical staff who will work one-on-one with you to identify your fitness goals, ensure you are exercising in a safe and proper manner, perform reassessments of fitness metrics and modify/progress your program accordingly.

There is no set number or frequency of sessions you must take part in. In between supervised sessions, you can exercise at home, at our facility (under an Independent Plan if approved by your PT), or at a gym of your choosing.

Sessions are by appointment only with the cost as follows per session:

  • Physical Therapist
    • 30 minutes: $90
    • 45 minutes: $120
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
    • 30 minutes: $60
    • 45 minutes: $80

Which Plan Should I Choose?

If you: Which Plan?
Won’t perform your PT exercises at home Independent Plan
Don’t want to join a traditional gym Independent Plan
Lack the motivation to exercise without supervision Supervised Plan
Want to limit your risk of injury Supervised Plan
Believe traditional personal training may be too aggressive Supervised Plan
Want to maximize your fitness or activity-specific performance Supervised Plan

We respond to most scheduling requests within an hour, but please allow up to one business day.

Thank you for entrusting us with your care!