Wax On, Wax Off

June 11, 2020

By Tom Fontana, MSPT

There are many times patients look at us funny when we give them an exercise in which they move in an unfamiliar or “odd” way. While the goal of therapy is always to get a patient to improve large, coordinated (or “functional”) movements, people often lack the necessary strength, flexibility, or control to do that right away. So, we may use very specific, isolated exercises to improve components of the larger movement. At times, it may be difficult to draw the connection between what we give you as an exercise and the final movement we are addressing.

Just as Mr. Myagi gave young Daniel a bunch of tasks to perform and he came to feel that he was wasting his time, we also sometimes give exercises that might make you wonder if we’re off our rocker or whether we really understand your problem. But, just like Mr. Myagi, who had a plan and turned Daniel into a champion, rest assured that we really DO know what we’re doing!

Just remember, sand the floor, wax on-wax off, paint the fence up-down, paint the house side-to-side. You can’t go wrong.

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