Words Of Wisdom For The Golf Enthusiast

August 3, 2016

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A Few Key Elbow Stretches And Words Of Wisdom For The Golf Enthusiast

The golf swing involves an extremely complex set of movements stressing all areas of the body. It is very important to stay fit and routinely perform golf specific stretches (http://familyptservic.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/June-July.pdf ) and strengthening exercises to avoid injury. At times these aches and pain are unavoidable and can become serious enough that they require intervention, such as physical therapy.

Here are a few common injuries which all golfers need to recognize.

  1. Back pain: 2. Elbow tendonitis: 3. Shoulder pain: 4. Knee and hip pain:

Avoiding Injury

Proper warm-up routines are crucial to avoid injury in all sports including golf. From the professional to the amateur levels, all golfers need to develop a warm-up routine, which will fully prepare them to make their best swing from the opening tee shot. Most amateurs, however, get warmed up by running from their cars to the first tee and expect to hit a great tee shot on #1 Here are a few tips that may help put together a pre-round routine.

  1. Get to the course early
  2. Begin by warming up on the putting green
  3. Spend a few minutes hitting chips maybe using a tee for a target
  4. Begin your full swing warm-up on the range with golf specific stretches
  5. Take full swings using short irons or wedges working up to the long irons and woods.
  6. Time your routine so you can stroll to the first tee with plenty of time for your group’s assigned tee time.

If you do not warm up properly, you are most likely setting yourself up to play poorly and increasing the chance for injury. If you are experiencing any of these aches and pain, please do not ignore them. The longer they go on, the more likely they will take you away from the game of golf.