Yogi’s Corner: Warrior I

March 15, 2021

Lauren Fournier, PT, DPT

Want to learn how to do the iconic yoga pose of Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I), but worried it’s “too hard”? Here’s a way to practice the pose without even leaving your chair!

Benefits: Opens hips and shoulders, increases balance and concentration.

Precautions: Knee, ankle or hip condition.

Step by step:

  1. Sit on the seat facing the left side of the chair.






2. From seated mountain (hands in prayer at heart center), move entire left thigh onto the seat of the chair and move your right hip and leg off the chair.






3. Extend your right leg behind you, curl your toes under and press through your back heel.






4. Reach arms overhead, soften shoulders and engage your core if you can, to help avoid overarching your back.






5. Hold for 3-5 breath cycles.

6. Repeat on your other side.

Drishti (aka: Direction of your gaze): Gazing forward

Breath: Relaxed belly breath

Modifications: Block or pillow under knee of extended leg (see pic below), v-shape, lower arms to cactus (see pic below), or keep your hands in prayer in front of your chest.

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